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If you had a faintly positive preg test how did it turn out? - Page 2

Poll Results: I had a faintly positive preg test and. . .

  • 76% (80)
    I turned out to be very pregnant
  • 15% (16)
    I had my period, not a baby
  • 2% (3)
  • 5% (6)
    This poll doesn't apply to me
105 Total Votes  
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When I had a super, super faint, only-can-see-it-in-certain-lighting, positive test last year, I was sure that I was not pregnant. So sure that I walked around wearing a pad for a 2 days after my period was due Then I took another test at 14dpo (AF was due at 12dpo) and it was just slightly darker, but so faint I took pictures to show an online friend. Finally I decided I *was* pregnant and showed my DH the test when he got home and told him the news. He did NOT believe me and told me there was no line. My son is now almost 5 months old! I did not get a regular intensity line on ANY test until 18dpo. I had my HCG levels tested the next week and they were completely normal. Hope it turns out how you want!
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I never did get a dark positive with this one, but I am definitely pg.
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The line was dark today

I guess I will vote a little later- when I am "very much pregnant"
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See laura?! It's like they always say: "A line's a line!"

(my early pg test was also veryveryveryVERY faint, but I was in fact pregnant)

Congratulations!!! :
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I have a 16 month old faint line. I've had one other + but it was a m/c.
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I had a faint positive and ended up miscarrying. I chose other on the poll because I was 6 days late (never happens to me) and I had another faint (slight darker) positive and then I miscarried. Actually, maybe it was a blighted ovum? I really have no idea! But anyway, I chose 'other' because I'm pretty sure something was going on - it's not like the test was just wonky or something.
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My faint hpts are pictured on my blog
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I have had a few false-positives. I never have a period after. I dunno if they're early m/c or letting the test sit too long, or what. Its possible I guess as I have an IUD.

Otherwise, the only + hpts I've had were my 3 kids. My middle kid was fairly light the first time, but got darker as I retested. Other two were pretty "there".
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I took 3 tests, all were extremely faint lines, first two said not pregnant, the third said was. I ended up having a miscarriage.
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Get one of those digital read out tests, they're GREAT when you get a faint line! No more guessing!
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With my ds, my BFP was very dark and there was no doubt that I was pg. With my dd, the line was super super faint. I almost thought I was just imagining the line, but I was def. pregnant. IMO a line is a line.
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My story is earily similar, but my first hcg was 40 2 days after testing. Got dp to look and everything (he was under the sink at the time!)


Originally Posted by KrystalC View Post
I voted, but just thought I'd comment that with this pregnancy the line was so faint that I had to get confirmation from my husband that it was even there. I thought I was seeing things! My HCG was extremely low (only 24) when I had my blood drawn that day, so it was just barely enough to register as positive on the test. We were pretty sure I was going to end up with a chemical pregnancy, but the numbers just kept going up and up.

From everything I have ever heard or experienced, a false positive is EXTREMELY rare and you just can't determine the viability of a pregnancy from the relative darkness of the line. Sounds like congrats are in order if you ask me!!
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I got really faint pos with all my pg even my 2 m/c. The only difference between the 2 term pg and the 2 m/c was with the 2 m/c the line stayed super faint and never got darker.

Here are the pics of the hpt's from my last pg http://hrdmrdajfd.tripod.com/formyfr...atlvr/id9.html you can see how faint the line was.

Something to remember about hpt's to not all detect the same level of hcg one test could be 100mIU and another 25mIU so a dark 25mIU would = a very light 100mIU depending on the level of hcg in the urine. And 2 tests in the same pack of hpt's can sometimes vary in the line color because of variations when the test is manufactured.

If you take a hpt and the line shows up in the time limit it is a if the line shows up after the time limit then you can consider it a false but you should retest the next day or so to make sure. For it to be a the line should be the same color as the control line only lighter in intesity. If the line is grey or looks like a depression in the test that is not a

The odds of getting a true false is less than 1% so if you see a line no matter how faint you are pg. Sometimes af will come on time if the line is super faint because there was a pg, called a chemical pg, or very early m/c. Where the egg implanted just long enough to release hcg into the blood, but for whatever reason couldnt stay there.
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3 faint tests for me. Two of them blighted ovums and missed m/c. One of them a beautiful baby girl.
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DS who just had his first birthday was a VERY faint 2nd line. I retested at work (worked in a dr's office that only had the sticks) and that came back just as faint but just as there as the one at home that morning.

So yes, could just be the brand or VERY early on.
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My faint PG test -- then (can you even see that second line to the right?) and now! Congratulations on your own faint line.
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my first son was a very, very faint line that showed up late. My third baby was also somewhat faint but not so faint as our middle one
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My line was faint when I tried the test on the first day I missed period(or hoped to miss it). When I repeated the test after a week the line was not so faint anymore. It also depends how long you did not pee or drink before taking the test - the longer, the more concentrated urine is, the darker the line will be.
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