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Help! (GERD)

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There's a woman whose baby they think has reflux. This is what she's said...

my daughter has had problems eating ever since she has been born. she shakes her head back and forth while eating, wich the dr said is a sign she is in pain, and puts her legs up like she is uncomfortable. the dr thinks its acid reflux but we have tried so many meds. i have to take her back in tomorrow but i am so frustrated. has anyone else had this problem with their baby, and did they figure out what is was. i dont want to keep her on these meds if it isnt helping anyway. help!

she started having the problems while i was breastfeeding, refused to eat, pulled away screeming, so it was hard for the both of us so i went to bottle feeding, put her on allimentum at about 1 1/2mo. so she has been on it for over a month.
What are some tips that I can give her? I would also like to help her start nursing the baby again (The second paragraph is what she said in response to relactation so I'm not sure if she's interested or not). Is there anything that really seems to help that she probably hasn't tried, like maybe something holistic?
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Hopefull you'll get many more posts than this. But from my sister's experience (and this is 2nd hand)

Sleeping on a incline and/or sleeping on their tummies helps *only BF babies*

You want to do something to take away the pain, so the baby doesn't begin to associate eating with pain.

Try eliminating trigger foods from mom's diet (milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, etc) to see if it could be a food allergy.

Seek alternative treatments like infant massage, chiropractic, accupressure... i'm sure there's more.

I'm sure more moms will be able to give more advice but that's a start.
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chiropractic and craniosacral therapy... see here for a start for finding someone who is trained in working with children and infants: www.icpa4kids.com

as i understand, alimentum is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally expensive, so if she is at all interested in relactating and/or saving money, getting baby back on the breast might be worth it.

also, a referral to a physical therapist or occupational therapist from her physician might be an idea if she's not open to chiropractic and craniosacral work. and if it is reflux, the meds for it sometimes do take longer to start working and sometimes some babies require higher doses than they start out with. help her find out what dosages and what the range of appropriate dosage is for babies.

hoping she finds some answers soon... it is hard to know your baby is in pain and hungry and not be able to find the right solution for them...

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what it sounds like to me

I am lactose intolerant.. Very! and shaking my head and curling into a ball is exactly what I feel like doing when I get THAT pain. I really wonder about docs diagnosis of reflux. The baby would be puking all the time. And it would act like it was in pain AFTER it ate.. my little brother had it really bad. He choked on his vomit at three days old and had to be on an apnea monitor for months.. I know what reflux looks like. So yea, I would go with an allergy like milk...I know a couple women who can't have any dairy while bfing, but the fact that the baby was freaking out as soon as it latched on is kind of wierd..
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babe might not necessarily be puking with reflux. some children have it in a silent form. still as painful but not as projectile.

it is very, very rare for children to be lactose intolerant. allergic to cow milk proteins is much more common. and lactose intolerance develops in most individuals as they grow into adults and is more prevalent in certain cultures (chinese and japanese and other asian people).

the latch on troubles really make me wonder about a musculoskeletal or energetic blockage that chiropractic and craniosacral therapy could help with.

any updates?

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