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WHY don't more people babywear? There is really no "weird" stigma attached... - Page 3

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So many parents just don't know about it.
I always feel kinda bad when I see a mom struggling to work with a bucket or a bulky stroller.
One of the latest Hathor comics was about just getting a length of cheap fabric and tying it into a makeshift sling for women in need, I really like the idea!
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A more mainstream friend of mine bought the Baby Bjorn and found it very uncomfortable. So she thinks she doesn't like baby-wearing and that her son is just too heavy to carry. (He's chubby, but under a year. And still under 20lbs) I mentioned that a Bjorn wasn't the type of carrier that I wanted to use and that with certain carriers people comfortably carried toddlers around. But I wasn't prepared to push too hard and she didn't seem interested at all.
I would guess a lot of parents only know about the Bjorn or try that first and don't like it, and then get turned off to the whole thing.
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I agree that, here, it is partly because people just don't know that there is that option. I can't count how many times I've been stopped and asked "What is that ? Did I make it? Where did I buy it? "

I do think that part of the problem, though, is that belief that we need to push our babies away in order to teach them some bizarre concept of independence.

I have a DS who is 8 and only saw baby carriers that are commercial and don't work very well - my back hurt. Fast forward...my good friend had a baby 2 years ago and is a natural mama does AP - and I kept asking her if her back hurt and she kept saying no. I thought...oh, I'll do that next time. My sister then had her 3rd baby and started slinging too and I knew it must work well because she has back problems but can easily sling her little one. My sister hates strollers - always has but we just didn't know about slinging and our mom BFed us and is very much into natural eating and stuff. But, we're from NW Indiana too. My DS and I lived in Guatemala and Ecuador this past year and everybody slings - except the hoity toity upperclass women. The indigenous and countryside people still do though. I'm now PG and WISH I had stocked up on cloth while I was in Guatemala.

Anyway, I guess it is ignorance and lack of access to babywear.
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Well, I think just letting people see you wearing your baby is a great way to spread the word. I didn't know about slings or APing until I saw a lady at church with a really trendy black ring sling that matched her dress. Then I looked online and found out a whole bunch of information. That's also how I stumbled across MDC, which is the first place I heard about APing, CDing, med-free births, delaying vacinations, not circumcizing, and co-sleeping. I never even would have thought of any of those things, but once I was exposed to those concepts, I realized I wasn't mainstream at all and that most of my philosophies were consistent with APing. All because of one lady at church and I had never even met her before!
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Pouches require a perfect fit to be comfortable. Many places have excellent return/exchange policies simply because of the nature of the pouch.
That's why I got an adjustable one...now both me and my husband can carry the baby tummy to tummy
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