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Reynard's Syndrome?

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I was diagnosed with Reynard's syndrome when I was nursing my daughter, it started around 5 months. I don't completely understand it. I was wondering if anyone else dealt with this? Did you have it with subsequent breastfeeding children as well? I'm terrified that it will flare up again with a new little nursling. I was in so much pain everytime I got a bit of a chill or started to nurse (thankfully once I had let-down it stopped). I couldn't pump once I got it either. DH became very adept at running hot rice socks to me in the middle of the night to ease my poor breasts.

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kellymom's page about Raynaud's, nipple blanching and vasospasm: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...blanching.html

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I had this with one of my babies......my second son. Mine started after a really bad bout of thrush on my nipples.....this was pretty early on - when he was just a few weeks old. The reynards lasted several months after that.

I never had it again with future babies!
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Thanks so much mamas! I had tried kellymom before but the search hadn't yielded anything, so thanks for the link! Everything makes much more sense now. I had such an awful doctor diagnose me with this that I didn't ask many questions. He told me my daughter's latch was causing it (even though he never saw me nurse : ) I know it wasn't her latch---it was perfect. Now through reading I've discovered that I've had Reynards in other parts of my body for years and just thought I'd gotten too cold.

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the search probably didn't work because you have the spelling wrong... it's Raynaud's. that doc sounds like a poopoohead...

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I've had it quite bad with both pregnancies. Thankfully, it eases up significantly after the babe is born. It's tough making it through the winters (heck, even a summer breeze can cause my nipples to blanch and get painful) when pregnant though. Man, nobody can possibly understand how painful it is unless they have experienced it! It may not go away until you are done nursing. It's most likely the shift in hormones that have caused it to flare up for you.
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Me too

Reynaud's is a horrible curse and ought to be only be afflicted on really bad people. I was in tears for a month before a very smart LC helped me. I ended up taking Nifedipine which helped immensely. The first time I went off it my nipples started misbehaving again but the second time, about 6 or 8 weeks after I started taking it, I went off without any problems and haven't had any since (for about 4 months). So it does get better! Hang in there!
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So glad to have found this page. I'm researching all I can before conceiving, and the link above has helped. I have had Reynaud's Syndrome for 20 years - my fingers and toes, and sometimes my entire foot, lose blood and turn white. The pain involved with the blood finally returning can be gratifying to annoying to stop-me-in-my-tracks painful. I cannot fathom how badly this will/would hurt on my nipples!

I feel for all of you going through this. If it helps in the least, I've found with my case that drinking warm liquids helps immensely. And, of course, avoiding chilly breezes. Also, the more over-dressed I am for an adventure, the better chance I have of my fingers retaining their blood and colour. Good luck to all of you - I hope you find relief soon.

(The best way I have of getting the blood back to my fingers is to windmill them around, as fast as I can. Translating this to how I would get the blood back to my nipples ... Okay, this makes me laugh right out loud!)
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Can you take Nifedipine while pregnant? I took it while nursing with both babies, but for me, the Raynaud's affects me more severely when I'm pregnant.
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Technically nifedipine is a "category C" drug in pregnancy, meaning that it's not been formally studied in a controlled setting on pregnant humans. However, many drugs commonly used in pregnancy haven't been formally studied because nobody wants to test drugs on pregnant gals (obviously) but they've been used enough to know with a lot of surety that they aren't harmful. And that being said, nifedipine is actually prescribed in pregnancy oftentimes for preterm contractions. Any drug is more risky in the first trimester but after that it should be safe - talk to your MD because the nifedipine helped me so much (on top of using a heating pad and staying out of the wind). Good luck and sorry about your recent m/c, what a sad bummer.
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Thanks for the info kittygirl. The only reason I took it while nursing was because I had thrush so bad (systemically) that I had to go on diflucan for nearly a whole month twice and the diflucan made the raynaud's so much worse. I was in constant pain. So, I ended up having to take Nifedipine at the same time as the diflucan and probably always will have to, whenever I need it. I try to use non-conventional, herbal remedies when possible, but sometimes you just have to do the drugs. If I can make it through this next winter without any nifedipine that's my first choice. And I'll obviously be in the early half of my pregnancy, since I'm not even pregnant yet (TTC very diligently though!!!) I've got some heat packs for my breasts as well and there was some vitamin that was suppose to help. Maybe one of the B vitamins? I can't remember, I'll have to look it up, but I took that while pregnant and it did help some. Not as much as the nifedipine though.
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Originally Posted by scheelimama View Post
Man, nobody can possibly understand how painful it is unless they have experienced it!

i am the opposite.. i have it realy bad when i'm NOT nursing...

i'm so sorry Mama.. no advice just some empathy....
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Nursing makes no difference for me. I've had it for 11 years now. (Has it been that long?????)

I just wear gloves religiously in the winter and the people at the stores think I'm nuts.
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