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how do you keep the pants up on a skinny toddler?

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i know, i know. it must sound like such a stupid question, but i'm serious.

my daughter is turning 2 the end of this month, and she is at the 77th% for height but only the 24th% for weight. this was fine for the summer, as i let her wear last year's pants as capris, but now the cooler months are approaching and i don't know how i'm going to keep her pant from falling down.

we use a belt with some of her pants, but it seems to cause her some discomfort. and if we bought pants that were long enough for her, i don't think even the belt would make it tight enough to keep the pants up.

i wish i knew how to sew, but i am a decidedly uncrafty person.

does anyone know if there are stores that sell TALL sizes for toddlers? or is there a way of shrinking the waist of a pair of pants without diminishing its length? am i asking for the impossible here??
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Carter's are slim, as are Gap. Also, Gap has the adjustable waist. Children's Place seems to run wider than others. I have a skinny DS and a tiny DD who just potty learned but needs to wear 12 or 18 months for the waist to fit, but more for length. Those are the brands I have had luck with in the past. I've also heard of people sewing an elastic into the back of the pants to help cinch it up some, but still be easy to pull on and off.
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I pin the pants at the waistband. Also a cute winter look is to wear tights under the "capri" pants.
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I have the same problem with my DD but I haven't found a solution yet. We have one pair of jeans from the Gap that has the adjustable waistband which is really nice. Then we have lots of stretchy pants from Gymboree - those seem to fit her waist really well and are long enough so you might try those. Other than that I'm planning on skirts and stripey tights for the winter!

BTW, where did you find a toddler sized belt?
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I have the same problem. DD is 20 months, skinny, tall and potty learned. So she's wearing 18 mo clothes which are a too short and too big around the waist. I think it will be better in a couple of months when she can move up to 2T clothes.
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all good suggestions so far but wanted to add...
Originally Posted by zmom
...BTW, where did you find a toddler sized belt?
H&M and Gap both have toddler belts. In a pinch I've used a folded up bandana.
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Overalls.I know...I know...you can't put her in overalls all the time but....
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Overalls definitely are a good way. And we're hitting "overall weather," too. (My girl is in some corduroy overalls, today!) And I wanted to mention using cloth diapers! Ha!

In fact, I realized that my daughter's good-fitting clothes (pants) don't really fit all that well once I substituted some disposable diapers while we were traveling. It has made me cool with holding off on getting her into undies or training pants, just because her pants will slide down when she's wearing them, versus when she's wearing cloth dipes. (So, she uses the potty most of the time, but still wears cloth diapers.)

Most of my girl's cloth diapers and covers are relatively trim, but they're still a bit bulkier than a 7th Generation disposable, and the wool covers also seem to hold up the pants (grab them a bit, maybe?) better than the more slick disposables. So it's not like she's got a huge bubble butt, but still it's enough of a difference that I had to make sure to have her in last year's pants if she wasn't in a diaper.

The adjustable waistbands are supposed to be good (I don't have any, but I've heard.) Also, some pants do have drawstrings built-in. Usually, they are comfy knit pants. I got some last year from Old Navy, and we have some this year from the Hanna Andersson catalog and from Lands End. (The Lands End ones with the drawstring were shorts, but I bet they've got an option in their fall/winter line, too.) Having that adjustability (the drawstring) is nice.
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Well, around here that's an extreme problem. My two year old spent his summer in 12/18 month shorts. With his cloth diapers on, he can wear 2T just fine, but if he is in undies, nope (and he is really working on this so that's a problem lol). Overalls are out, he is not that good yet at giving that much potty warning So we just buy sweats and strech pants a lot. Plus as others said, Gap fits much better. The baby has similar issues, but seems to be the closest to 'normal' of our kiddos, he is actually in the right sizes so far, but we'll see now that long pants weather is coming. The worst though is my 10 year old. He is just barely to tall for size 8s, but they are barely staying on his butt, and he HATES belts. So no real ideas for you, but LOTS of sympathy
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Gymboree leggings for girls, they are really slim (and stretchy for diapers) and seem to run a bit longer than other brands, the 2T we have are WAY too long for dd right now. You can find them on ebay new for $2-3 a pair from last season.

Also any elastic pants can be pulled in with a little cut in the waistband you can pull the elastic out and cut/sew it smaller or tie a knot in it, and slip it back in the band...

theecstore.com sells clothing for babies who don't wear diapers too!
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thanks, y'all! i'm going to try to find some used gap pants. i like their idea of an adjustable waist.

i also found some toddler belts here:





again, if i were craftily inclined, i would try to make one myself.
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I am all about the adjustable waist bands. I've been seeing them at more and more places lately. Most of dd's pants come from Old Navy.
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my DD is the same way but luckly not as bad as your DD (she is just overall small for her age but has super long legs like her mama) i got her a belt at children's place on clearance that seems to be doing the job for now!

a friend of mine made a "belt" using the straps on her changing pad (ya know the clip things) she cut them off her changing pad b/c she dosn't use it anymoreand sewed them together.....and it works great because you can make it as small or as big as you need!
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If she's not potty trained yet the one thing that works for us is a bulkier CD. That has saved us a ton.
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My DD is in the 95th percentile for height, and the 5th percentile for weight, so you can imagine how much of a string bean she is!

I stick with pants with stretchy waistbands. They are especially good for us, since DD is learning to dress and to use the potty on her own.

She's worn knit capris from Old Navy all summer. I was so happy with them that when they went on sale (3for $12) I bought a bunch in size 3T and 4T for future summers. I've also had some luck with the Gap.

I got DD some elastisized pants with belts from Target, but they didn't work for us at all.

I am dreading finding heavier pants for the winter that are also long enough to reach her ankle. I'm going to check out Old Navy this afternoon for fall or winter pants, and I'll come back here and tell you how they fit.
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... how about how to keep them on once they figure out how much fun it is to take them off??
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You could make some of those cute fashionable tie belts.
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Thanks for posting this thread, mama! I was just about to ask the same thing. Since DS potty learned, ALL of his pants are too big and we aren't going to be able to buy more. I'm just pinning them in the back with a diaper pin...and pulling them up several, several times a day!
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One word, Overalls! I am serious. I have a terrible time finding pants and shorts that fit my sons waist. The shorts he has on now say for a 6 month old! Uh, my son is 30 months old. Sigh...alot of his bottoms are in the 12-18 month range. Then I run into the problem, they are too short on him. GRRRR
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when my dd's got out of diapers (they were a little older) was about the time we switched to dresses all the time. Before that the diaper held their pants up.

Another way to deal with too big knit waistbands is to fold them over once or twice. It also helps with the rise being too big for your small panty wearing girl, now that it's no longer going over a diaper.
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