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Kombucha bread

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Does anybody know anything about doing bread with Kombucha?
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I would think you could take any 'beer batter' bread recipe, and substitute the kombucha for the beer. Wa la, Kombucha bread.

As far as culturing a 'starter' for sourdough type breads, there are yeast components, so that'd be fine, and the bacterial content should give you a reasonable level of lacto fermentation for the soak...

So I would think it's doable, for making a typical 'sponge starter' then making the bread as usual. It might need a tiny amount of bakers yeast added into the sponge as 'insurance' that it has enough to help it rise, but you could just play with a starter for a few days to see how things take off!

I'm not sure how the 'tea' cider flavor would work, I'd think it'd be better in the beer batter type bread recipe, as the acidity would work AWESOME with the baking soda for superior 'rise' effects.

Might have to play with that now...
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My kombucha's bread

I already did it a lot!
Is great for me. I want to know if anybody did it too, and what you think. I found that soft, tasty, easy and kind of sovereighn. Becouse having Kombucha mushroom you can do bread any moment, plas pickls, raw chutneys, and other aquimias!

Is so fun!
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Ahh, sorry, it sounded like you were looking for recipes or ideas on how to do it.

What recipe do you use for making it...do you use a typical 'beer batter, quick bread with soda' type bread recipe or a slow soak, sponge 'starter' method?

I usually use my dairy kefir for my starters, as the lacto ferment and yeasts really does amazing things for the taste/rise of it.

Kombucha 'vinegar' pickles sound interesting...as you'd have most of what you need to ferment them, if you had REALLY strongly brewed kombucha. What recipe do you use?
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This sounds very interesting!
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I would love to see a recipe too...
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Giving this a bump b/c I am intrigued and wondering if anyone's hunted down a recipe yet.

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Yea, I was wondering what happened to the OP...bait and run

I have a 'beer batter' bread recipe that I believe could be used, just replace the beer called for with your kombucha. It's just the reaction between the acidic nature of the kombucha with the instant levening of the baking soda that does it, similar to using buttermilk and soda for 'quick breads'.

I've not tried it yet with kombucha, cause we keep drinking it all, but here is a recipe I think would work:

Kombucha 'Beer' Batter Bread

Makes 1 loaf

3 cups bread flour (high protein content flour)
3 tsp Baking powder
3/4 tsp Sea Salt
3/4 tsp Baking soda
1/4 cup Rapadura or succanant (whole) sugar
12 fl ounces of Kombucha (or Beer)
1/2 c Butter or Coconut oil; melted

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

Grease on 8 X 5 inch loaf pan. Line the pan with a strip of parchment or wax paper and then grease the paper also. (I use coconut oil, as it doesn't burn and releases really well)

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl or mixer bowl. While mixing or stirring, pour in the Kombucha. Mix/stir until smooth.

Pour your batter into the loaf pan and top with the melted butter or coconut oil (you can omit this, but it makes it softer). Bake for about 45 to 50 minutes.

If mixing by hand, use a wooden spoon and mix just until the ingredients are mixed well. Try to not over mix, or you will get out too much of the CO2 reaction and it'll be flat!

Use a cookie sheet or aluminum 'toss' liner under your bread pan, as sometimes the rising makes the butter/coconut oil drip out!

Again, I've made this with the typical 'beer', but haven't used kombucha yet. I would think you'd want a particulary fizzy or yeasty batch of kombucha for best 'rise' results! But it is a good way to use up old stuff you don't want to drink!
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Thanks Heather. I just printed the recipe!
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