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Just curious what everyone that already has children is doing about the possibility of having a baby shower for this one, and what is usually considered current 'etiquette', once you have already had 'one' baby shower for the first one...

I've have a few offer to get me some stuff, since I'd given away ALOT of my previous newborn/small clothing to other moms in need...but I'm not sure about actually 'registering' and all that, for this one...
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I had a shower with dd, and am not having one this time around. I kept everything so there isn't much I need, just a new sling, more CDs, that type of stuff.
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I gave away just about everything that I had for my first child (she is six years old now) and she was born in a totally different season (summer) than this baby will be but I'm not counting on a baby shower or even hoping for one. Actually, I hope I don't have to sit through the torture of a traditional baby shower.

I did register for some stuff in the hopes that it keeps DHs family from buying us totally useless stuff. I'm not sure it will work, but it was at least worth a try. I'm also not telling people, "I am registered at [insert store name here]" but if a member of our family asks, I can point them in the direction of some items we'd like to receive, should the insist on buying us something.
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I have had a generous friend offer to have a shower for me. I tried to be all other-centered and generous about it and do a blessingway or something focused on donating stuff (like bring diapers for needy kids), but I just chose to be totally selfish in the end. I did register, mostly for clothes and blankets, because we already have everything we really need. I just thought it would be fun to have some new clothes for this one, and a few new swaddling blankets. I also asked for my new sling!
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This is my first and it is very unlikely that I will have a shower. My work gave me a generous gift certificate, my family doesn't approve even though my dad has offered to buy the car seat and I only have one close friend. On my baby's dad's side, he has asked his one friend to purchase a high chair and I have gotten everything else. However! I would lovvveeee a blessingway and I might do something like that for myself (just me and my cats) once I stop working.
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We have almost everything we need for this baby since she is the second girl in 3 years (and we kept everything knowing we were going to try for one more...although clothing & infant stuff did get recycled through one female cousin first...).

A very good friend will be throwing me a Blessingway (Mother's Blessing) instead of a shower.

I would truely be perfectly happy with only that but I have another friend who really wants to throw a shower for me too. I may go ahead because (yes, selfishly some would say) I do still need a few things like sling, second carseat, double stroller and possibly cloth diapers and supplies (still under discussion with DH as we didn't CD last DD). A diaper shower (in various sizes-be it cloth or disposables) is always a nice way to go if you already have all the other "stuff". You can never have enough of those!!!!
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This is the reasoning I had for a blessing way vs a shower--I already have everything I need, but I still wanted to get the girls together--in a more spiritual and 'basic' way--to share and praise our womanhood per se. I'm excited--my blessingway is only a week before my due date...even more exciting!
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