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You are welcome to be here with us. Congrats on the first baby too. I loved being pg with my first and getting to experience everything for the first time.
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Originally Posted by chrissy
Where is your dh in law school? My dh and I both went to Washington and Lee in Lexington, VA.
He goes to Regent University. He was accepted into higher ranked schools, but this fit our family the best. Are both you and your dh practicing law right now?
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Hi, I'm Bonnie. I'm 29 and DH Will is 28. We have a 16-month-old boy named Colin who is the light of my life! The baby is due the day after Colin's 2nd b-day.

You can add me to the list of lawyers! I don't practice and have just been a SAHM mom until a couple weeks ago when I started teaching a class one night a week.
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Hi, I'm emiLy. My husband Ryan and I are both 29 and work at home on a web design business we started together while in college. I also have a store (link in my sig). Our daughter will be three in October and is SO much fun.

I got pregnant the first month of trying, and I feel like I could have used a few more months. I am excited to have another kid but I'm finding it hard to be as fun a mom as I want to be when I'm pregnant! I'm super tired and the all-day nausea has set in. Luckily my husband is awesome and is home all day. We usually switch off being with Delia for 4-5 hours at a time while the other works or sleeps.

My mom and mother-in-law paid for housecleaning for me when Delia was born and I have kept cleaning help since then. We have three people, five animals and two businesses, 24-7, in 1300 square feet! So I think of it (or justify it) as necessary. I am currently thinking about finding someone (a homeschooled teenager?) to come and help me with my business a little, play with Delia, and maybe clean up a little too.

I just ordered a cheap exercise machine. I have some exercise videos and have done them on and off, and I have tried gym memberships but neither ones works for me long term. I have been very motivated to keep up exercise in the past when I could do it while either reading or watching TV. So I have high hopes!

We live on the edge of a huge wilderness area in northeastern Minnesota. We spend a lot of time outdoors. We are in the planning stages of building a house, either next summer or maybe now it will turn into summer of 2008.... It'll be off the electrical grid out on some acreage about 25 minutes out of our small town.

I think that's it! Whew!
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Emily...Welcome! Where you live sounds wonderful!! My sil & bil live in northern minnesota on one of the many lakes up there...it is beautiful and we love visiting them as often as possible.
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Ooo the birth stories are fascinating. Lots of first-birth transfers, and some really fast second-or-more labors!

Emily, isn't that the worst, when they keep messing with you after the birth? I hated that part, and was very whiny the whole time, just like you described.
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Yes - it's beautiful here. We love it. We wish family was closer, but hey. The live in big cities, so it's fun to visit. Kind of backwards - we live where people come on vacation.

YES, Jessica! It was SO maddening to be lying there. The nurse was over at the warming table, WHISPERING to my husband asking him if I'd be OK with this or that. You can hear it on the video tape and finally I'm like "What?! What are you doing?!" and she stops doing all the stuff - like the blue stuff on the umbilical cord. So, no eye ointment at least. My husband and I hadn't talked about all this, so he was just in shock looking at this baby holding the oxygen in front of her while the nurse took over. Meanwhile I have this surgeon doctor sticking his finger up my butt to check my tear................ OK, I'll stop before I get really mad!

I'm glad at least that I wrote the birth story when I did, when I was still so happy with it. Before I had time to really think about what had gone down and why things might have started hurting the minute I wasn't in the position I had instinctively chosen... I think at Delia's one month checkup I asked which way she had turned after the head was out, and the doctor said she didn't turn, she just came out. Uhhh. So my doctor had such a tight hold on her head that she just pulled her straight out before she had a chance to turn?! No wonder the 3rd degree tear. And this is a female doctor. With 3 kids.

Today I wore maternity clothes! I only have one pair of regular jeans that isn't too tight right now (that I bought immediately after Delia was born when I was SO sick of my 2 pairs of maternity pants). So I figured I'd rather be comfortable. But I do feel pretty pathetic having to break out the preggo clothes at 6 weeks! LOL
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emiLy, I hear you about breaking out the maternity pants at only 6 weeks. Thankfully I have some that look like regular pants, but they have a hire waistline in the front and elastic in the back. I can still wear my regular pants, it just gives me the heebee geebees to do so.
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Yeah Emily, reading your birth story, it sounds like an excellent birth experience for a hospital. Mine sounds pretty good when I tell it now; time has had the opposite effect. But there are all those little inconsideratenesses that sure, it doesn't matter much in the big scheme of things, but it matters a lot at the time and it's a VERY important time! Next one, staying at home.

Ooo maternity clothes. I'm only 4 weeks so I'm wearing all my skinny clothes while I can. Last time I was in maternity by 7 weeks. Goldie, now that you mention it, I remember that heebee geebee of pants-a-little-snug-in-the-wrong-place.
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Originally Posted by Goldiemom
You are welcome to be here with us. Congrats on the first baby too. I loved being pg with my first and getting to experience everything for the first time.

Thanks! I'm very excited! It is going to be a wild ride for these next 8 months, but I'm very happy to be on it!

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Hi! I'll jump on too! I'm I think 7 weeks pregnant with #3, I have a 3 year old and a 15 month old. I don't feel ready at all for this third one, but I don't want them far apart, I want to have htem close together and move onto the next stage, so I'm taking a leap of faith here!

Debstmomy - I have to give you a shout out! I remember you from the May 2005 DDC - we were overdue together. I was so sorry to hear about Alexa, especially from another overdue momma. Congratulations on this pregnancy!

I think I'm going to flub my dates a little with this one and say my LMP was 7/30 (thought it was 7/23), so that I have a little leeway since it will be a c/s (just not up for a VBA2C and the chances it would happen are remote anyway) and mine always go 2 weeks overdue. I'm going to push for a 41 week c/section and settle for a 40 week one knowing that it will really be 41 weeks - that's my plan anyway!
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Hello , I am bouncing back and forth from the April ddc and this one. I am due late April. I think the baby will come them BUT you never know

I am 8 weeks either today or yesterday. I say today since I concieved on a Friday (silly, I know). I have one son who is 16 mos old. I am very excited to give him a sibling. I don't have any and as I got older it got lonlier especially in middle and high school.

I am in college and I will graduate in May '08. I would be graduating in May '07 but I got behind when ds was born - he is SOOOOOOO worth it though

Debstmomy - It's good to see you woman !!!!!
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This is so cool for me. I was in the Sept 05 ddc, but I remember keeping tabs on earlier ddc's, so I know who some of you are already. Or at least I recognize your names.

Nak- Allissa is doing her aerobic nursing right now. She is standing on one of my ankles with her other leg over my thigh and holding on to 1 finger for balance. That takes talent!

I am solooking forward to the weekend! Even though we have alot of things to get accomplished, it will still be nice to have dh home. I am hoping that Harley is feeling well enough for us to visit the IL's this weekend. That will help make Saturday go more smoothly for me at least. *sigh* I am off to chase my girls now. More later.
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Hi everyone,

I am Heidi mom to 4 boys ages 15, 14, 8 & 7 with #5 due May 13, 2007. I have been married to my best friend for 17 years.

I work full time as a paralegal. This is my first time with a pregnancy that I have a job that I am sitting on my butt for 7 ½ hours a day. I find myself getting real sore. I try to move every half hour or so.

We have not told our kids yet. I joke around and say we will not tell the oldest two until maybe September or so. I doubt they would even notice a baby in the house. They are teenage boys they do not notice most things.
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Hi everyone. My names Tawny. I have to DD's Alex DD1 is 14 and HarleighDD2 is 8 months. I am due mid may. I took 3 HPT and they were all +. This last time the pg line turned blue before it even got to the second box
I am a SAHM. We are hopefully moving to WA state soon. We likve in AK now and I really don't like the cold.
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Hey, Tawnykat, we live in WA. Where abouts do you plan on moving?
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Hi Tawny,

I am from Washington state too. Where are you moving to? Its a big change. My best friend lives in Mountain Home AK and I have another friend who is moving here next month from AK. She lives on the AK/TN border.
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Hi Group
Here is my birth story with my first daughter: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hlight=Darlene
and the photos: www.midwifemama.com/darlene
and Daphne's birth story: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hlight=Darlene

Debtsmommy, you are referenced in Daphne's birth story though not obviously. My heart went out to you, and I cried so much over your blog entries. I want to tell you that it is an honor to be in the same due date club as you, and I hope for all of us to have happy, healthy babies..

Ok so now to me :heart
I am doing well. Sick from about 6pm to midnight every night. I am eating like crap when I do eat, but I can't help it.
Definetly looking pregnant already.
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Wow so many Mama's acknowleding my dd Alexa, it warms my heart. It is so wierd to be here, sort of. What I mean is; I am on the same time line as when I was pregnant with her & now some of you are joining me. Breathe deep. Cause see, time has really stood still for me, and you all have move forward. & please remember...it is hard. Anyway I will not turn this into a boo hoo, woah is me post. Thanks for remembering me & my baby, I feel honored.
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Okay, I guess its my turn...don't know how I missed this all week!

My name is Jill, I am 29. My dh is 28. We are expecting our fifth baby in late April/early May. So I'm part of April's ddc, too. Our oldest son will be 9 in November, my daughter is 7, next son is 4, and the baby will be 2 in November. The baby will be the same exact age as my 4yo was when he was born - 2.5. I liked that age distance for them, so I'm hoping it works this time, too.

We are planning a homebirth with the same midwife we used for our last birth - although, I went so fast, she didn't make it and I had a surprise UC! This time,we are prepared for UC, knowing very well it could happen again. But if my midwife makes it, I'll be just as happy with that, too. Especially since she agreed she would be the only one that comes. I'm not real big on the whole assistant and apprentice idea. We also plan on having the same photographer there as well. I loved having her there so I could just be in the moment and know she was getting it in pictures! Other than that, it'll just be my dh and the kids. I'm hoping we remember to video tape everything, we forgot last time! I'll probably set it up on the tripod when I set out the birth pool and stuff. If someone sees it out, it might trigger the thought to press record! LOL

I am upset that I am starting out at pretty much my weight of delivery with all the other kids, since I haven't lost more than 5 pounds since my last baby. But I'm trying to let that go...I'm going to eat what my body needs and trust I will eventually get back to the size I am most comfortable with.

Other than that, I don't really have any issues to work through (my last birth was very healing for me, although I still have guilt for my three hospital born babies because even though I got another chance, they only get to be born once ). So I am really planning on sitting back and enjoying this pregnancy for what it is.

Well, this got much longer than I expected...

Debstmomy, I just wanted to tell you that I also remembered the story of your sweet baby's birth. It touched my heart and I thought of you all, I'm so glad to be going through this pregnancy with you. Hugs!
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