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My friend bought me the munchkin one because she loved it and said her ds did, but my ds hated it! He wouldn't even put it in his mouth. He just wanted the food. Actually I think they're kinda gross too.
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Originally Posted by alegna
ewww. I don't want to suck my food through mesh, why should she?
Well I don't like eating clumps of dog hair, but she thinks that's a delicacy! That's a cute motto, but it doesn't work in our house.

To the OP, I originally bought our feeder (can't remember the brand) for breastmilk ice cubes for teething, which works GREAT, by the way. The cubes kept slipping through her fingers without the mesh, and I worried about it being too cold for her hands anyway, so I got the feeder. She loves it and wiggles when she sees it (so she must love it despite "sucking food through mesh").

In the last week I've put some frozen banana in there, because the BM ice cube just wasn't cutting it, and I knew she needed something cold for her teeth. She didn't eat much of anything, just gummed it, which is what I wanted.
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We got the "Baby Safe Feeder" which is available HERE. It was suposedly invented by a father whose baby almost choked to death on a teething biscuit.

We haven't given our daughter solids yet (she is just now about to be 6 months), but she loves ice in it. For a week or so, it was the only thing that soothed her teething pain. Then both of her bottom teeth came through, and now she enjoys ice in the feeder as a treat (usually while we're eating supper) instead of as a teething solace. But I can imagine that soon she will be getting her top teeth... and I bet that she will need it again.

I don't plan to feed most of her foods to her in this, but to use it with frozen fruits and ice for teething and as a fun distraction while we eat out or want to linger over dinner. Gail seems fine with it!

I did try sucking on ice through it, to see what it was like. Seemed pleasant enough, and somewhat soothing. I don't think I'd mind eating with it, if I was in her place.

Obviously, I don't know much about cleaning, since I've just used ice thus far!! But, the bag of this one can come out of the holder, so that should help facilitate cleaning when I do go to solids.
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My first two sons didn't like the one we have (the Safe Baby Feeder, bought through One Step Ahead), but they were developmentally challenged. That might have had something to do with it.

Our third son LOVES IT!!!! It's been so great, because it means he can teeth, explore tastes, and really enjoy food. I like it because he's eating fresh food, rather than baby food. So far he's eaten:

red potato
sweet potato
frozen peas

...and all in his mesh feeder! It's best to wash it out right away--if you do that, it's very easy to keep clean. Banana IS tough, though--something about the way the banana sticks to the mesh.

...oh, and I've tried eating with it, and it's fun--not gross at all.

Seriously, I wouldn't trade this feeder thing for anything. He's so happy trying new foods, and I'm happy that he's eating fruits and veggies and enjoying them. It's just a personal theory, but I think starting my first kids on grains and prepared baby food ruined their tastebuds for the real, fresh stuff. My hope is that, by avoiding grains and prepared baby food alltogether, our newest babe will grow up enjoying real fruits and veggies.
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Sassy. I like the idea of it but DD was never interested in it.
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another vote for the munchkin feeders- although that is all we have tried so far. Mya loves this for her poor teeth that are trying to pop through. She has had frozen boobie cubes, frozen sweet potato, frozen squash, and banana. I also had a hard time getting the banana out of the feeder, so we don't do that anymore. I find that rinsing it immediately helps. When I go to rinse I just turn it inside out and give it a good wash, no probelms.
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We have both - Sassy and Munchkin. The Munchkin seems better made, more solid and I like the clip but the bags aren't changeable. Sassy has extra bags - I always worry about food getting caught and I always take a paranoid sniff for mildew or anything ewww..cleaning them is a PITA so I don't use them as often as I'd like. It's easier with food that doesn't 'mush' too badly like grapes as opposed to banana.

Anyway we love them. I always delayed solids because of the choking hazard (and my babes are laaaate teethers). DDs were able to enjoy all of the abovementioned fruit and goodies. Great for teething and a lot healthier than cookies.
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I gave Gail her mesh feeder (with ice) while out to dinner last night with my father-in-law and his wife. They thought it was a neat invention, but sort of odd. After we finished, step-mother-in-law reminded me not to forget "that weird cheesecloth pacifier thing."

She also wondered why Gail wasn't eating solids yet (she will turn 6 months tomorrow). She worried that maybe she wasn't getting enough to eat with "just" my milk, and said that her great-niece, who is a month older than Gail, had been eating "real food" for months. : In response, I showed her Gail's chubby little rotund thighs. Step-MIL didn't ask again!
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Sassy, and we love it!

Sasst made ours.
Kmart for $4 I think.

I am always SOOOO afraid of choking. With this you do NOT need to worry about choking! He loves to eat all kinds of fruits and veggies with it.

He refuses to let me spoon feed him.. .... THIS has been a true life saver!

He'll just suck and suck....Smile, COOO, and say "YUMMMMM"

He's 10 months.
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There's nothing I didn't like about it.... bananas and avodaco were hard to clean, I used an old toothbrush.
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