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I had this under control for awhile, but now it is getting worse. She just bites me every time I nurse her(except at bed time). I tried the telling her no, then I put my bra back on and set her on the floor and tell her no, then I will step back and let her see that mommy walks away and she doesnt get to nurse anymore if she bites, but still nothing. She is almost 10 months old and I just need some ideas on how to set boundaries for her while nursing when she bites me. It just really hurts, and its getting frusterating.
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Start crying when she bites you. Like, real tears and everything if you can do it. I was sleep-deprived and really messed up one day when DD bit me and I just started crying and she got this really disturbed look on her face and she hasn't done it since. (I also had some success with squeezing her hand and looking really angry, but I wouldn't recommend that approach.)
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I was just about to post about this. DS#2 is almost 1 and has recently started biting me. He's basically teething on me. It hurts!!! I don't want to wean him, but now I'm dreading feeding him. DS#1 wasn't a biter... so I don't know what to do.
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