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OB dilemma.

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I had a pre-ttc appt today w/ my ob. Let me start by saying that I like her very much and trust her. She was willing to try and turn DD when we discovered her to be breech. When that didn't work, she was willing to deliver breech if DD was in a favorable condition (in the end it was necessary to have a c/s though).

Anyway. At the appt, we discussed the medication I'll need again once we've conceived (heparin and aspirin for anticardiolipin ab's and ANA). I told her that I knew the heparin does not appear in breastmilk, but asa does. I told her I was concerned about it b/c I plan on nursing through pg if DD wishes. She said not to worry but I SHOULD NOT nurse through pg b/c it would be too taxing on my body.

I was very miffed but didn't know what to say. I do NOT intend to wean DD (unless there are major problems w/ the pg, like preterm labor, etc), but I don't know how to handle the OB. What do I say to her? How do I stand my ground w/o out sounding hostile or militant?

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you can just quietly do what you're gonna do if you don't want to be too firm with her.

can i be nosy?

are you really TTC soon? i see your daughter isn't even a year old yet, so i am kind of curious about when you started ovulating again. i didn't start up again until 16 months post-partum, so TTC wasn't even an option for us until now. maybe your daughter is still nursing enough that ovulation is suppressed and nursing through a pg won't even be an issue.

just tell me to back off if i am being too nosy. i just love hearing what other women do/think about fertility and birth.
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I nursed throughout my pregnancy and had a 9 pound 7.2 ounce baby boy, eight days early! I love telling that to all the people who made rude or uneducated comments to me, like it will be to hard on you or it will take away from the new baby - please! Fortunately my OB was very supportive and when my pediatrician was not, well I got a new one who supports extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping and practices both herself! I feel it is important to have these two people support you! Enough other people will try to undermine you and these two should definitely be informed and educated about nursing through pregnancy.
I will also add, if you are interesed that my dd was 11 months old when I became pregnant and we were nursing around the clock! I thought she weaned at 17 months, because she went from consistently nursing 3x a day to once a week, but we have now gone on to tandem nurse at 25 months and 5 1/2 months, but that is a whole other topic. Anyway I hope this wasn't more than you wanted to know! But I just wanted to offer some support for nursing throughout pregnancy and beyond! Good luck to you!
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shoshanna's mom: We're actually going to start TTC#2 after DD's first b-day. I just wanted to make my pre-ttc appt 3 months in advance so I could talk to my ob early. We'd like our children to be about 2 years apart, and it took about 8 months to conceive DD.

puddinnpeanut : Thank you for the encouragement!
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One more thing to add - my first pregnancy I had preterm labor at 31.5 weeks and had her at 36.5 weeks after hospitalization and complete bedrest! So even after a complication with my first pg my second was fine even though I was nursing!
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Nora - I was just wondering the same thing!

I also have antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and had to do the whole heparing/lovenox/aspiring routine (PLUS a cerclage for incompetent cervix) during my pregnancy. We want to ttc this summer and I'm feeling conflicted about cutting down nursing because I'm scared of the mc risks (I had 3 before being diagnosed) - and I still haven't gotten my cycle back. DD will be 1 in 2 weeks, so I want to start charting again soon so I know how to time the injections. Grrrr. Such a frustrating situation for both of us.
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Here is a link of bfing whle pg and tandem nursing:


Find a local IBCLC and see if she has a copy of Thomas Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk, for your drug q's.

Nursing while pg will not harm you, the fetus, or the nursling. Just eat well and drink lots of water, try to rest when the toddler does. Which you should od, anyway.

Don't count on it taking 8 mos to conceive again! it may only take one try. BTDT!
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