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Ok, I know I've supposedly "graduated", but I'm feeling really paranoid! I got my BFP on Sunday morning. There was much rejoicing and celebrating. Today, however, I keep having this feeling that I'm about to mc.

I haven't any reason to think this, other than basic paranoia. I never would have even thought it a possibility if I hadn't mc'd in December.

I guess there isn't any question, I just needed to vent a little. Here's to hoping this one's a keeper and I'm not having premonitions.

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Sorry about your miscarriage. There is every chance it WILL NOT happen again. It probably won't happen, but I know you can't help but think about it. I have these fears too.

I am sending, warm, snuggly, baby safe and growing happily vibes to your little one and soothing, relaxing, happy vibes to you.
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((((((((((((( Bec )))))))))))))))))

Please be gentle with yourself.

I think it is natural to have those fears in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
Everything is going to be fine.

In 9 months you are going to be holding a precious beautiful baby.

Take care of yourself,
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Oh mama. Thanks for coming here and sharing with us and letting us contribute to you.

I am in the same space as you, or almost. I miscarried last month and I am worried that when I become pregnant again I will spend the pregnancy worried about miscarrying.

Honour and respect your feelings, all of them. Don't suppress the joy you feel out of your fear that it will be invalidated by a miscarriage. And don't suppress the fear that you feel - come here and let us hold you up when you need it. We know where you are and we will hear everything you say with love and respect.

None of us know, really, how long any of our children will be with us. Sometimes I think my miscarriage was a gift from that baby - a lesson in how not to take life for granted.

Much love,

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Thanks everyone! I'm feeling better today. I have to say again that temping and charting is the most empowering thing I could be doing! It's so reassuring to see those high temps day after day. It's more useful then getting worried anytime the nausea leaves!

I'll breath a huge sigh of relief when I leave week 12 behind! Of course that's in 8 more weeks, so I have a little bit to obsess and examine every little twinge. I'm going to blame the hormones!

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I'm saying this to be positive rather than negative though it might sound a bit odd, but of all my extended group of mama friends (that number in the multiple dozens) there are only a few who HAVEN'T miscarried. All of us have multiple children and only one has had multiple miscarriages. Of course she is now on the pregnancy board, pregnant with her third. Although it may not seem like it, multiple miscarriages are relatively rare. Single miscarriages are very common.

Try not to let the fear overcome the joy.

Now get on over to that pregnancy board.
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