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No pees in the diaper last night!

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My babe is 3 months old and just had his first dry night. I was totally shocked. We woke up to nurse about 3 times and that's when we have a diaper change. And everytime it was dry! He would have a pee and then nurse back to sleep. I woke my husband up by announcing "he has on the same diaper he had on when he went to bed!" Who knows what will happen tonight, but I thought it was a neat EC milestone.
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Not to burst your bubble or anything, but our DS (3.5 months) did the same thing a few weeks ago. I thought to myself..."Finally, we did it! I can pee him during the night and save on diapers!". That ended up being the only night it worked . I hope your little one continues his dry night streak!
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Isn't it great! I remember our first dry day with my older daughter 4 years ago--I was so happy! Congratulations!

After just doing it for a few days now (finally worked up my courage to try it), I think night peeing is more successful than daytime. At least the timing is totally up to Hanae!
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dd is 9m and i can't even remember the last time her diaper was wet in the morning. so you're on the right track, keep it up.
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DS started staying dry at night somewhere after 3 mos too. He stayed pretty consistently dry and we ditched the night-time dipes after a couple weeks of dry nights. We had (and have) our fair share of accidents but he seems so much more comfy without the bulky diaper!
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dd is almost 3 months and has had some sporadic dry nights too (when I'm good at catching)... you might want to let yours sleep naked... dd sleeps on a towel on top of a change pad, she looks so much more comfortable and we just change the towel if she pees just like you'd change a diaper. Most nights we only change it once!
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Thanks for the no-dipe encouragement. I think we're gonna go for it!
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Congratulations!  joy.gif


FWIW, Our babe is 3 months and her morning diaper has been dry about 75% of the time since... 7 or 8 weeks maybe?  (We started EC at 4.5 weeks.)  I have heard they may regress here and there, but for now, it's nice!  (Especially since she sleeps from 6-9 hours during that first sleep.)  

It's so cool to see the communication "working"-- that is, I believe they learn they will get a pottytunity on waking, so their bodies adjust and "hold it."

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Night time continues to be better for us with ECing then during the day. I think it's because now that DD is older (5 months) her night time signals continue to be consistent, (beating her legs on the mattress) while her day time signal (sudden crankiness) now can be caused by a host of things. Thank you for sharing your success! Hearing good stories gives everyone the gusto to continue their journey.
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