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April Twinmamas?

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We just found out today that we're expecting twins... anyone else in April with two babes?
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Mee too! I am due April 6th. I am so worried about vanishing twin because I experienced that with my first pregnancy. I still fit into regular clothes but they are getting tighter. How are you doing?

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Hi Jenn! I'm worried about vanishing twin too, although both my girls were measuring right on target so hopefully that means they're both growing strong. It must be even more worriesome having gone through it previously. When is your next appointment?

I'm doing OK, morning sickness has really started kicking my butt in the past few days along with some bad headaches. I don't sleep well, am bloated and cranky . I can't believe how pregnant I feel for being only 7 weeks! It's wild. I went out to try and find a few transitional maternity clothes and nothing fit right... guess I'm stuck in yoga pants for a few more weeks.

Have you had much morning sickness or anything so far?
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Sorry about the morning sickness. I only had about 3 days of where I didn't feel well, but I never got sick. Now I am just super tired by 5pm. I am still in normal clothes but getting tighter. I am 11 weeks today and my next appointment is Sept, 26 where I will then ask for another ultrasound to make sure they are still both measuring to date.

Hope m/s passes quickly.

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April twin mama here!

I found at 3 weeks ago at 8.5 weeks that I was having twins.
My doc said I was right on target about the due date, because they were measuring right on for 8.5 weeks.

DD is insisting it's a boy and a girl, but then she kept saying it was 2 babies before we even knew!

As for morning sickness, still kicking my butt. Although it's better than it was when it first started. Now I have good days, where I can eat more varied foods, but some things still just taste off. Then I'll get a bad day or a bad part of the day totally out of the blue. :Puke

I'm staying close to home right now, because rides in the car, even short ones, definitely make me sick. I'm lucky to be staying at my parent's home right now and they are helping in taking care of dd.

Sometimes I lay very still and try to "tune in" to my babes. I really think I can feel their presence. It's a very comforting thought. I'm trying to think very positive and am trying to ban any negative thoughts.

So glad to meet you both!!

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how early can they tell if you are having twins?
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Originally Posted by kldliam View Post
how early can they tell if you are having twins?
As soon as the babies are able to be seen via ultrasound. 6-8ish weeks, depending.
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Congratulations! Twins are awesome!

What are you measuring? I ask because I am 13-14wks and measuring about 18cm. I have 17mo b/g twins and was wondering if I was carrying twins again, though couldn't remember how much further along I was measuing during the first trimester.
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I was a twin mama, but one of my peanuts 'vanished'. Not all that uncommon I'm told. I was sad, but seeing the remaining baby's heat beating away and all that kind of made it hard to stay sad. So now I'm just glad for what I have... it was interesting though, being pregnant with twins!
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We're expecting twins!

We did a nuchal translucency screening earlier this week (at 12w1d) and found out they are [85% sure] boy/girl! Very exciting
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Congrats, two_roads!

How's everyone feeling?

I'm pretty much feeling like crap . Very nauseous, tired, grumpy, etc. I'm really looking forward to the second trimester, and hoping I'll feel better then!
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