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Concequences of torn cervix????

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I know that hemorrhage is an immediate concequence.

I would like to know what, if any, affect a torn cervix from a labor/delivery has on subsequent pregnancies. (incompetant? stenosis?)

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how much of a tear would be the first thing to think about- many many women will have some tearing- and it can be silent like not much more bleeding that you would expect to see no need for repair and not really a problem- or it can be a larger tear that may cause a bleed if a vein is torn-- was taught that is why you would carry those long ring forcepts to pinch it off until you could suture it
once healed some scar tissue may cause stenosis probably not a huge problem or conversely incompetent cervix

the cervix will look like and may feel like a duck bill once it has had some tearing

the most traumatic tear I know of happened during a manual removal 12 hrs post birth probably 9 hrs in the hospital - in the OR during the removal her cervix was torn and it took them over an hr just to suture the tear-- doc's comment was that she bled more from the tear than the placental site
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Just subbing... a friend of mine had a torn cervix that wasn't diagnosed until a few months after the birth and is due again in a few months with her 4th babe.
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My cervix tore with my 4th baby that was a hospital birth. I don't know how badly, but they did have to do some stitches. I was concerned w/ my next pregnancy but had no problems and actually went a couple of days past my due date w/ her. I did have some "bands" in my cervix, which are just some areas that took a little longer to stretch and dilate but my labor was not any longer than the others.

I have had 3 babies since my 4th and haven't have any problems at all.
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I don't have a cervix so much as I have two flaps of skin. Mine tore with my first birth in two places (premature pushing brought on by pitocin) and has had no effect whatsoever in my ability to carry to term or give birth naturally to three subsequent babies.
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Sometimes it makes a little stricture, like you might see after a conization. That might cause an uneven dilation pattern or closer-together contractions until it resolves. There's so much blood flow and healing energy post-partum, though, that I think a tear has an excellent opportunity to heal properly and cause no problems. I wouldn't expect problems, not at all.
Unless there's bleeding, no one inspects cervixes after birth (well, a few docs) so who knows how many little tears are undetected and unproblematic?
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