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We're getting closer....

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I thought it would be nice to share how we feel as we go into the last stretch... Most of us here should be at near or past the 30 week mark so we are starting to close in on November...
How are you feeling? What do you have to do before the new babe comes? Are you worried about anything? Excited? Ready?
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I'll go first

Every few days I have to check and see about how many weeks I am... In having a UP I seem to be really in touch with myself and how I feel etc... but the technical stuff seems to evade me... I don't really have a due date, I could figure it out but I don't want to... I just tell everyone that the baby will be here between mid November and the beginning of December... However, knowing how many weeks I am gives me an idea of how many weeks I have left to get things done...
I still have tons to do... though I keep thinking that I have more time and keep on procrastinating what I have to get done and then when I check again to see how many weeks I am at then my mind starts racing again...

- I have to find two bureaus for the boys clothes (or one big one)... the dresser that ds#1 is using is broken and doesn't have enough space so I can't even pass it on to ds#2... and the one that ds#2 is using is for the new babe (it has passed down and used for every baby for 3 generations)

- I also have to rearrange their room so that it all fits since the babe will be sharing a room with his/her big brothers. (Well technically the babe will be in our room)

- I have to make ds's Halloween costume,

- get the babies clothes out and pick out the warmer clothes,

- get clothes out for ds#2 from ds#1's old clothes.

- Wash the new babe’s diapers and find the covers that are somewhere in the house on various cabbage patches and other dolls...

- Prepare and Freeze more food so that I will be able to have somewhat of a babymoon without starving or just eating burnt toast, frozen pizza and KD (the extent of my DH's cooking)

- Finish buying birthing supplies and figure out if I want to buy a water birth pool.

There must be other things that I have to get done too…

Anyways… I am getting more and more excited about the birth. Even though I have had rough and long labors, I LOVE giving birth! I am looking forward to labouring in my own home, not having anyone there but DH and the kids. I feel ready to have my UC and I feel confidant that it will happen.

I am also looking forward to having a babymoon after the baby is born. Staying in bed and getting to know the new babe. DH will be on Parental leave starting when the new babe comes and will be home for 7 months SO I really feel like I will have the time to get to know the new life that will come into our home but that the boys will also be taken care of. And then later on I will be able to give attention to the boys while DH keeps an eye on the babe…
I could go on and on… but I have already written too much LOL
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Feeling good...I'm around 33 weeks so feeling big. Beside hurting myself this weekend, I feel great but I am hurting way less the last two days. I don't have a whole lot left to do befreo the new babe arrives so that feels GREAT! I do have to figure out what my ds i going to be for halloween (my dd is still working on what she is going to be) and make his costume. At least that's fun! I am having a blessingway in about a month and my birthday is a month away too so thats all fun stuff. I'm feeling ready for the birth, too. That is a big deal so I'm glad I feel ready!
My anxiety over having a toddler and a newborn is growing. When ds was born my dd was 9, in school everyday and I was one on one with him right from the start. Well, that isn't going to happen with this babe and I'm mourning the fact that my ds has no idea his life is really about to change! For the better but still...
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I'm 33 weeks. I have had my other two early so I am seriously getting close!! I am getting very excited and also feeling like I have so much to do before the baby comes. Halloween costumes also need to be done here (I'm getting one for the baby too because I have a feeling she/he will be here before Halloween). I need to clean my floors really good, Finally get all the laundry done (yeah right ), organize the hall closest, freeze some meals, wash all the baby clothes and diapers and get my birth supplies together. I also love giving birth, if it wasn't for the pregnancy part I'd have many more babies. I can't wait to breastfeed again and smell that divine newborn smell again! And have a little one curled up on me again, awwwwww I can't wait!!
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I'm getting pretty excited at 31+ weeks. I am actually still trying to hold myself back from too much excitement since I have a feeling that these last couple of months will not fly by the same way that the rest of the pregnancy has.

I have already gotten all the baby clothes I need, and they are in the baby's dresser, but not washed yet. I still need to get some more diapers, and finish knitting a couple pairs of longies that are almost done. I really don't want to have "everything ready" until 38 weeks because I know it will be fun to have some more stuff to prepare closer to the end. I am expecting to go to 42 weeks, though, so that won't really be cutting it close.

Yesterday we hired a doula for the birth, and I am really excited about her. We had interviewed several different doulas since we decided not to have a homebirth afterall, and none of them felt right. The doula we hired is actually a midwife, so she will help us labor at home as long as possible and make sure we don't go to the birthing center too early.

We also just started taking a "self-hypnosis for childbirth" class that is great, and I have been practicing getting myself into a state of deep relaxation. I am beginning to fantasize about what my ideal birth would be. For some reason I haven't been able to do this before now, I think in part because I was worried about the homebirth aspect. But now that I feel truly safe with our plan, I can imagine how I want things to go.

At my 30-week prenatal, my fundus was measuring 35 cm! The baby is not that big (he's a little big), but my uterus is so stretchy from the twins that his position can drastically change the size of it. No wonder everyone gives me incredulous looks when I tell them I'm not due until November! Despite being pretty huge, I actually don't feel that huge at all. I still feel like I have a cute little belly, and the only things I can't do very easily are pick things up off the floor and put my shoes on. Also, I only have one pair of maternity pants that fit well and are comfy, so I've been wearing them pretty much everyday. Oh well!

I am LOVING the third trimester!!

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Am I the only one not feeling huge? I even sometimes forget I'm pregnant. Last pregnancy I got really big really fast, not so this time. Every so often I look down and just think I gained more weight. Bizarre.

Right now I'm worried about gaining more weight. When I got pregnant my midwife advised me to gain 6-8 kilos. I'm now at 8kg and hoping I can keep it below 10kg. I went through a few weeks of eating like a complete and utter sweet freak.

I've also been feeling like this baby might come early. Earlier in the pregnancy I was convinced I would go over but now I've changed. And it isn't wishful thinking either-I'm not at the "get this baby out!" stage yet.

We have to find a place to give birth now since the hospital we were planning on going to denied having my midwife deliver my baby due to my "past history". : Thank you. It was a massive surprise to everyone. Now if I want her to deliver my baby I need to have a homebirth and nobody, not even my crunchy friends, thinks a homebirth is a good idea this time. Now I'm pissed and not even considering delivering at that hospital now.

Dh and I have been making a list of what we need to get at IKEA and planning a trip there. I love IKEA! But without fail dh and I have at least one argument while there. I get a serious case of the "wants" and he has no problem saying NO! over and over to me. Meanie.
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Well according to my due date I have about 9 weeks left!! I am super excited to be almost done although I think these last two months are going to drag on forever!!

I think I have most of everything done! This is my first time cloth diapering so I am sure I have enough for now but may have to buy more when the baby comes.

I have froze some meals but not too many, I have washed all the babies clothes but still need to buy a dresser! I have packed my hospital bag but am still waiting on diaper covers that should be in the mail for sure sometime this week! I just realized that i didn't pack anything for me!! lol...the car seat is already in the van...i made DP put it in last time he was home!

I think the only thing I have left to do is my birth plan. I will be birthing in a hospital so I want my birth plan to be VERY clear and printed out in big bold letters so everyone knows what I want or should I say what I DON"T want!

We just bought a king size bed which we have been needing or wanting since our first dc but didn't have the money for!! The bed should arrive sometime around the 20th!! Now I just need to buy some bedding that will fit!

I am feeling tired, excited, happy, worried, sad, sore, and great all at the same time!! But we are basically ready to meet our little Jaxon Lee!!!
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I'm at a little over 29 weeks and I'm ... well ... I guess I'm going through a period of mild depression right now. I feel very alone in my pregnancy, DH and I have been arguing nonstop, and I don't actually feel like he's helping at all right now. I get that he's freaking out in his own way, and that's actually totally ok with me, as long as he somehow manages to also figure out a way to be present and available for me and the baby. Right now that's not working so well. My emotional state has been leading me to be super introverted and lazy as well, and that in turn isn't helping my emotional state. I'm caught in a catch-22 of : . Ugh.

I feel like I still have so much left to do before the baby arrives! This being my first, I'm not really sure what I have left to do, but I know there's a whole lot of it!

- Finish settling into new apartment, including finding places for all of baby's stuff.

- Cook and freeze meals (I'm planning on doing soups and breads mostly).

- Launder all of baby's clothes.

- Have a baby shower (which I think is tentatively planned for October 21st right now). That'll be super helpful in helping me get all the rest of the stuff that I need.

- Find some time to go out to eat/see a movie/spend time with friends/connect with DH.

- Take a birthing class.

Etc, etc, etc. I feel like the list could simply go on forever.

I'm excited and terrified and nervous and happy and sad and feel like I'm just waiting on the edge of my seat for the floor to drop out and my entire life to change. I go through these moments of feeling like it was a huge mistake for me to get pregnant, until I remember how amazing it's going to be to get to know this HUMAN BEING who's growing inside of me. Whew, that's huge.

It's all pretty overwhelming right now. :
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I have about 8 weeks left till my EDD. I'm sure this little guy will come sooner. I feel good though. I'm geting over a cold and that's been draining. But I don't have too many aches and pains to complain about. I have SO much left to do though.
~I really wanted to get our kitchen painted, along with the bathroom downstairs.
~I also wanted to get the nursery painted even though I doubt we'll spend much time in there at first.
~I still have a few more longies I wanted to knit up.
~I was going to sew some wool pants up.
~I need to buy some frozen meals or make some.
~Order/gather my birthing supplies.
~find box of baby clothes and wash them.
~Pull out infant carseat and install
~Find all our other baby equipment int he basement. May not use it but atleast I'll know where it is is I need it.
~Order some nursing bras
I'm sure the list goes on. But I'm really excited to meet this little guy.
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I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow. I'm so excited to be so close to the 30s!!!! Last time I just barely missed it. So now while this is my 2nd baby, it's my first time to really experience the 3rd trimester, so it's just all new territory for me!

Baby's gotten alot more active, and I *feel* bigger, although when I look down, my belly doesn't go much past my boobs... probably because they've gotten huge this pregnancy too. Long ago, I was a C cup. After settling into nursing DS, I was a DD. By the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy, I was an F. I got some Yes! bras in size 4++, which is the same as a Bravado XL++, and the cup size on those is up to H. Well, they're a bit on the snug side! I need to go get measured at the maternity shop again (they're the ones that found I was an F cup earlier in pregnancy). I seem to just grow and grow and grow and never shrink, so I'm afraid I'll be a Z cup by time I have my 3rd kid.

Overall, I feel pretty good, although the last week or so, I've been queasy and nothing has sounded good. I think it's due to my sinuses. They're acting up again. And it rained this week, so the weather may have something to do with it (but we oh so needed that rain!).

I've had alot of people asking when I'm due, and the seem to be surprised when I tell them it's end of November. They all seem to think I'm due like in a month, and I really don't think I look 8 months pregnant. Oh well. If I follow family history (mom and sister), I'm likely to go anytime between 38-40 weeks, or possibly a few days past EDD. We'll see.

Things to do... Make cloth diapers in size small (have plenty of prefolds/covers for newborn), buy snappis (or at least find the one I have), dig out newborn/0-3 month clothes and wash them, majorly declutter bedroom so I have ROOM to set up the pack-n-play (use as a bassinet), declutter/clean the whole house because it's all just so GROSS , obtain infant carseat from a friend probably next month, make a sling... I hope that's all...
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I'll go next... I have 9 weeks left and still have some things left to accomplish before D-Day.

1. We need to buy DS's crib and dresser. Not too pressed for time on the crib because he won't be sleeping in it right away anyhow.

2. Need to buy baby hygiene products, such as baby wash, shampoo, petroleum jelly, etc... DESITIN is a MUST!!!

3. I need to wash all of the baby's clothes that we bought.

4. Probably need to get more wipes and diapers... can never have too many of those.

5. I still need to buy a couple of nursing bras and a breast pump. I already have storage bags to freeze my milk in ( I have to go back to work after 6 wks)

6. we need a large diaper bag and that about wraps it up for all we need to get still.

As for how I'm feeling emotionally:

I'm scared.... terrified is actually a better word. Our last baby died from Down Syndrome and everything indicates this baby is perfectly healthy but I'm still afraid. I won't be at ease until he's born and I can see with my own eyes that he's healthy. I'm also going for a VBAC this time around and I'm a little apprehensive about that. I definitely don't want another c-sec.

Oh and I almost forgot... we still have to buy a travel system and a swing.

Now that I'm looking at this list I'm finding I'm not as "ready" as I thought..:
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I've been on bedrest for the past several weeks, and get moved back to *modified* bedrest this sunday when I hit the peri's estimate for 32 weeks (according to my charting, 32 weeks wasy actually this past Sunday, but she's being conservative and going by the later of the two early ultrasound's estimated due dates), so I am anxiously awaiting that day!! I still have a lot to do for babe's arrival since I've been out of commission. I need to get the carseat from my SIL, and I need to have DH pull a few things out of the attic. I want to get myself some new nursing tank camis, my old ones are really shot. They were awesome last time around for those weeks postpartum when my belly still was jiggly, the lycra in the tank seemed to hold everything in nicely and didn't amke me cringe to lift my shrirt to nurse, LOL!

I really want to finish knitting up a few more pairs of longies and a sweater for this pumpkin, as well as a pair of pumpkin booties and a pumpkin hat (fall is my favorite season, so I'm totally going bonkers on the autumn baby thing, LOL!)

Otherwise, I'm really starting to feel like my body is gearing up big time. Braxton hicks have increased a TOn the past week or two, and they are painful to the point where I have to close my eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply though them. I'm amazed I'm still sleeping relatively well, although I get up to pee 4 times a night, LOL!

Overall, I'm ready to meet this little man. Last ultrasound estimaed him at 5 pounds 6 ounces last Thursday, so he's definitely a nice plump wee man
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Well, I'm at 31w3d now, and it definitely feels as though this babe is getting closer and closer to being ready

My mum is flying in tomorrow for a 10 day visit; should make for an interesting time, as we don't necessarily see eye to eye on a few things, but I'm really thrilled that dd gets to spend some time with her Grandma. The spare room is also home to all of the 'baby' things, and Charlie is having a lot of fun picking things up, bringing them to me, and asking 'Charlie had this?' and then saying (with a worrying degree of pleasure, actually ) 'now Ewan have it.'

I'm having a lot of BH - it really feels as thought my uterus is getting in shape for this babe - and there have been a couple of times this last week that I've felt really prelabourish...since dd was an early bird I won't be surprised if this little one doesn't wait for the whole time!

The bad news is that I really really dislike my OB, and I am absolutely furious with myself for having come this far without doing anything about it. I have no idea what my options would be at this point...but dh and I have been talking a lot about switching out of the 'medical' stream, and looking for a midwife who'd be more supportive. Wish me luck....
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Oh Erika! I REALLY hope you find someone who makes you more comfortable--a midwife sounds like a good plan for you! Good luck with that and keep us in the loop!

Ok...I'm almost 32 wks...and I'm ready to meet this person, but I'm in no rush. I LOVE being pg and I am LOVING the idea that we will have a new little person to love. I think my dd is ready, and my dh is deployed, but ready to meet him/her when he returns 3 mo pp.

As far as being physically ready for the baby--hmm..I have LOTS to do, but I know if the baby came tomorrow I'd be ok...
--I need to get a new infant carseat...I have one, but I'd like a carrier type as well (the one we have is a convertable)
--I would like to make some belly bands to 'hide' my belly when I nurse, not a MUST have tho
--need to wash baby clothes and dipes
--need to sort thru dd's summer things and bring out the fall/winter things
--need to get xmas letter written, and labels printed and on envelopes, ready to go, will just need to add a photo of the baby
--need to get birth supplies together for homebirth
--need to get photos in albums since I KNOW I won't do it after baby is here
--need to clean upstairs (did downstairs already--took 4 days! UGH)

I think that is about it. Not worried about freezing food--mom will be here and will cook! Already bought paper products (plates, cups, etc)...
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OK, that's it - I'm going over to Bobbi's house to have my baby cos her mom's going to be cooking and then I won't have to see my horrid sOB

I think we're pretty much 'ready', at least physically. I don't have any PP supplies for me yet, but I'm working on that, and I suspect that my Mum wants to do some serious shopping for both wee ones whilst she's here, so clothes for babe won't be an issue. I have the bucket seat from dd that we'll use this winter, but then I need to find the $$$ for another convertible. We really don't use a whole lot of 'equipment' - I consigned most things after dd, because we didn't get any use out of them - but I did treat myself to a new sling from a mama on the TP here, and I can't wait to try it out I hope it's going to be the right size for me....I couldn't resist though!

Hopefully mum will help me to cook and freeze some stuff; she's an awesome cook, and I suspect there will be something really comforting about pulling a meal out that she made. Dh has stored up 5 weeks leave so we should be able to have a nice babymoon - Paxye, I think it's so awesome that your dh is taking parental leave!!

Well, it's 4 in the morning, and although babe is kicking like a little monkey I really should try to go back to bed - head colds should be BANNED! especially during pg :

Love to everyone and their beautiful baby bellies

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I have almost everything ready for babe, all my supplies except a new hose for for filling up my tub. My main project left is freezer meals. I have not cooked this entire pg, too many food adversions in the beginning, then we moved, our stove broke, too hot, now nothing sounds good or I'm too tired. I'm so sick of qick and easy meals that I have to actually cook things to eat after baby, and DH is no help in that area.

I'm getting excited to met this little one and getting nervous too. I'm not nervous about the birth, my anxiety is about what kind of baby this will be. DD had many, many food allergies that took us 2 years to find out, she was extremely colicky because of that. Then she absolutely hated the car seat, I couldn't go anywhere, very hard when you live in a rural area and town is 35 miles away. And have I mentioned that she has rarely slept since she was born. I honestly don't know who cried more dd's first year of life, me or her.I'll do fine if I have another child like dd, I've been through it before, but since I also know what it was like, I'm hoping not to have go back there again.
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Erika... I really hope that you get in touch with a MW nad that things work out for you... not being comfortable with your OB is not something that you need...
and yes... I think it is awsome that DH will be taking parental leave too, not only for the family but also for himself...

Everyone... thank you so much for sharing!

How about some more questions?

What help do you have lined up for after the birth? What are you most looking forward to with meeting the new babe? If you have kids already how do you think that they will react? How are you getting them prepared? What do you have planned for the holidays?
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I'm week 31ish. Today is my last day of work before maternity leave! Last time I painted nonstop until the day before DS was born. (I have barely picked up a brush in the two years since then.) So with my new 10 weeks of freedom, I plan on painting again. I will also do some cleaning, nesting....

I have terrible pelvic pain so walking, sitting, standing - everything is tough. I will swim 2-3 days a week though, to keep up my strength and energy. Last pregnancy I biked 12 miles a day. This time I can't even sit on my bike. I have no idea what sex is like, it has been so long now. Luckily DH isn't a complainer.

Looking forward to a homebirth, hopefully in a big, rented birthing tub. Not looking forward to mother coming to visit - fine as long as after the birth, but beforehand will be completely stressful for me, which won't be beneficial to labor. My biggest wish is for a perfectly positioned baby, less than 15" head, pressing evenly on my cervix, chin in, facing my back, spine facing out, slightly to the left. I will get what I get, but I can dream.
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Shoot I don't know what happened to my post. I'll have to repost later.
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Feeling anxious

Well I am 31+ weeks and can't wait. My baby shower is saturday and for that I am very excited! My only dicomforts are sleeping and long walks as I have gained 50 pounds already!!! THis week has been a stressful one so of course my bp is elevated and my midwife is a little nervous. I had a death in the family lastnight so other than the stresses from this week I feel great!!:
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