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Hello, I am hoping someone here can help answers some questions. We are planning to homebirth this time, our 3rd complications with first 2. I am 31 weeks along now. I have been having light diluted drops of blood for a few weeks that turned into one liner pad filled with red blood, we immediately got ultrasound done, they thought placenta came unattached a small area. Second ultrasound done 10 days later and new opinions with new ultrasound technician and on-call hospitol DR. say "No, this does not appear to have come unattached" so now we feel that the bleeding is coming from a polyp that is hanging out of my cervix. I have lost mucus plug. My question is, will this polyp cause any complications during labor and delivery or has anyone ever had this strange thing happen to them in pregnancy. I know it's embarrassing but I need help. I would assume there will be bleeding during labor and delivery but would that be all I can expect. Really looking forward to homebirth but don't want to put myself or baby in danger. Thank you for anyone's help.........Monica