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low supply caused by antidepressants?

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I've begun to suspect that my supply issues stem from my use of effexor. My dd is 7 months old and I've had to take the max dose of domperidone along with fenugreek and blessed thistle since she was 2 weeks old. I suffer from depression and I was a total mess when we came home from the hospy. My gp doubled my dose of effexor and the next day I all but dried up. O immediately reduced the dosage to the original 75mg dose but the damage seemed to be permanent. If I miss even one dose my supply suffers.

My question is this, has any one else noticed this? I've been getting pressure from the docs to stop the dom, and I'm wondering if it is the effexor affex=cting my supply, a trial of another med might be in order?

sorry this is long...
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I'm not familar with that anti depresant for some reason... but i do take paxcil CR every fall for seasonal depression, i took it when my dd1 was 6 months old, i took it again after dd2 was born from 2 weeks before birth to about 4 months old then again when dd was about 13 months old till she was 18 months old, now i'm taking it again and dd2 is 2 years and 1 month, but only nursing maybe 1 time a week if i'm lucky i think she has weaned now that i'm back to work full time for the next 3 weeks she hasn't nursed since i went back to work... ...
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I think it is one of the "newer" ones. It works differently than the SSRIs...My sleep deprived brain is blanking about a description.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I didn't clue into this sooner...While I don't want to mess with my happy pills because it helps so much, I am seriously considering seeing if I can switch to something different to see what that does to my supply.

Sorry you LO seems to have weaned! I'm so not looking forward to that.
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