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Quick! Need tipping help!

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The furnture guy just left to go back to the store to get the appropriate hardware to put our new futon frame together. When he returns and gets it all put together, should I tip him?

A bit of background, I paid $20 to the store for the delivery and another $50 to have him put it all together. And, they jerked me around for 6 weeks, telling me every week that my futon frame was being shipped. Finally, this week, 2 days before company is coming to sleep on the futon, they tell me that there is no way they can get the frame in the stain I wanted due to production issues in Asia. Steaming mad but trying to remain calm, I negotiated the same frame in a lighter stain and got them to make a special delivery today even though they tried to tell me they had no delivery options this week. And, they threw in a free waterproof mattress undercover (without me having to ask) for my trouble.

So, should I tip the guy or not? If so, how much?
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I've never tipped a furniture delivery guy.

Strange. Pizza yes...

Heavy furniture... no.

Good thing no one has ever given me good enough service that I'd buy TWICE from them when it comes to furniture.
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I've not bought a lot of furniture (mostly have family hand me downs) and I was not sure.


Any one else?

I found this:
Furniture or appliance deliveries - $5-10 per person. If the delivery is huge, then $20 per person.

$20 bucks is a lot of money to me when I just paid $2000 for all this furniture. We never have this kind of money but just sold our house and used a portion of that equity to buy furniture for the new one.
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i would tip him, unless he is the store manager who has been jerking you.

it would be a time thing for me. did he take 1/2 hour? probably $10. an hour? $20.

they do depend on tips.

I am extremely financially decrepit, so I would haul my own futon (from the second hand store in a borrowed truck, no less), but a friend of mine delivers furniture and relys on the tips.
hope this helps a bit.
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Yes, tipping is appropriate (it's not the assembling guy who's been screwing with you, after all.)

I've always tipped my furniture guys 5-15 depending on how much work they do, how hard it is, how many flights of stairs they have to carry something, and whether or not they have to carry the old thing back down.
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ok, off to scrounge together $20

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Before you decide, read this: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/s...toryId=4651531

It's one of my favorite essays from one of my favorite NPR series, This I Believe. The essay is entitled, "Be Cool To The Pizza Delivery Dude." Here's a taste:

Tip him well, friends and brethren, for that which you bestow freely and willingly will bring you all the happy luck that a grateful universe knows how to return.

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PS, $20? It's not a huge, honkin' wardrobe or anything. I'd do $10. :
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I had no idea I was supposed to tip delivery folks (well, I knew about tipping the pizza dude) I feel horrible! Think karma will forgive me if I give the next delivery person a HUGE tip in attempt to make up for my ignorance?
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ive never tipped for delivery of stuff.
that's enough.

sorry dudes.
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We bought a new refrigerator a couple of months ago. I think we tipped $5 to both of the guys.
We got Dish last week and I didn't have any cash, so I gave them eggs!
(I live in the country, and have chickens)
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I don't tip furnisher delivery guys... That why you paid $20 for delivery and $50 for him to put it together. Unlike food service people their wages aren't based on expected tips.
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I don't tip for things I have to pay a delivery charge for. Also, you paid for it to be put together, so you've already done your job.

If you really feel like you should tip, first ask if he gets to keep the money (some companies make them give it to them) and then maybe $10.
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Originally Posted by stellimamo
I don't tip furnisher delivery guys... That why you paid $20 for delivery and $50 for him to put it together. Unlike food service people their wages aren't based on expected tips.
: I don't tip furniture delivery guys either. I hate this whole tipping buisness. Why do we tip hair stylists, but not veterinarians?
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Originally Posted by sunnysideup
Why do we tip hair stylists, but not veterinarians?
Taking a detour from the op, but . . . have you guys heard that you don't have to tip the hair stylist if s/he owns the shop? I've gotten my hair cut by several shop owners over the years but never have they turned down a tip.
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Okay, taking a sharp right and heading back on topic:

I went to a garage sale last Saturday and they were selling a cherry Henredon sofa for $150. Cha ching! As I was mulling it over the guy opened his mouth and said, "I'll even deliver!" SOLD!

Since we're moving in a week I asked if he'd hold it and deliver it to the new house. So . . . when he does, should I tip him? I didn't try to get the price of the couch or the clothes I bought at his sale down a bit if that factors in to your answer.

I was thinking of maybe baking some cookies for his family. (He has twin toddlers.)
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I always tipped the hairstylist when I used one, whether they owned the salon or not. They had my hair in their hands, for god's sake! They deserve to be kept happy.

As for the furniture guy, I did tip him $20. That is what I found on several sites when I googled it and what you guys agreed before I tipped him. He had to put together the futon frame and matching coffee table and tv cart. They were not easy to do and required him to do a lot of work. I agree that that is a lot but that is what I found so I did it. Next time, I will just do $10. Except that I seem to buy furniture only every time I buy a house so that means it will not be for a while. :
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