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pumping while pregnant

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i have been exclusively pumping for about 6 mos- 1 yr now, but it's waaay too painful and so much more work now! i can't believe how much squeezing i have to do in order to get a tiny letdown.

anyone else have a similar experience?

i suspect we'll be weaned this month, which is a strange thing to go through after an excusively pumping relationship. we won't miss the closeness- we can be closer now. and the transition to soy has been smooth. and i no longer appreciate the time to myself now that it hurts so much with such little reward.

but it's still the end of an era. and coinciding with my girl growing up and now soon (ish) to have siblings.

...i still wonder how things would have been different if we weren't ep'ing. i gave myself a week break after our big biting incident, and she never wanted the breast again. i also wonder how she'll react to my nursing her siblings.
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How pg are you? Is it with twins? yes, weaning, whether from breast or from expressing and bottle feeding, is a bittersweet experience. Once the new baby comes, you could always offer to your older child and see if she wants to take part in the new bounty of milk.

Have you read How Weaning Happens or Mothering Your Nursing Toddler?

Here is a weaning link:


Look around this site for more ideas about nursing and siblings.
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thank you for the links. i noticed that the la leche league link doesn't specifically address pumping exclusively. do the books?

i suspect that the emotions associated with weaning from the pump are different than traditional weaning.

the truth is that i'm not willing to try to make it work any longer. the pump has gone from a staple of our life together to a horrendous torture chamber.

i am, of course, still in my first trimester. maybe it gets easier.

but i really don't want to still be pumping when i start nursing my second child.
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No, I don't think the books address the issue of pumping exclusively. Maybe try the Getting Started forum, with a subject title about pumping exclusively, you might get a few women who have done, or are doing this.

Good for you for all that work! it is much harder than just bfing. I hope next time, you won't have to go thru it again! Best wishes!
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...not only the work...

the heartbreak every time the other mothers in teh childcare center were nursing their kids while i chased my girl and her bottle around

i suspect i'll be *****extreeeeeeeeeeeemely***** committed to nursing her siblings

i also suspect that my forceful commitment to co-sleeping comes from that loss of touch. maybe it also explains her snuggle-a-holic-ness and love of hugs

anyway, thank you, DaryLLL
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