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Baby Shower Swap

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First off, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the baby shower swap. It was a lot of fun & I know a lot of people got great gifts. I wanted to put a request out there for momsmyjob/Mary. She participated in the baby shower swap, sent out a gift, but did not receive one in return. For various reasons her swap partner has too much going on to send one out, which is ok with her, but I feel terrible. As many of you know Mary had a baby boy, her ninth child & I can only imagine how tough things must be for her since she is a single mom. I know most of you, like myself, don't have much money, but if anyone would like to send her a baby gift, I know she would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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does she use cloth? I could definitely send a diaper package.
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Mary, if you want to answer any questions...............
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aww..thanks Elisheva

Yes I use cloth Amy.. I have my little man Lukas who is in small then I have Matthew who is 23 pounds and in med and some large.
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Mary, do you use fitteds?
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I do
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