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Start of labor? REALLY FREAKING.....

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Ok, yesterday I started getting light cramps, only light.... And today they're getting a bit worse.... To the point it feels like now I have period cramps..... I'm trying not to freak out here........... BUT IT'S NOT WORKING...... What does the start of labor feel like????????????????????????
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not in your DDC, but wanted to tell you to take a deep breath and BREATHE!! and yes, it could very well be labor! my labors generally started with period like cramps, oh and numerous trips to the bathroom anyway HTH!
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(I'm also not in your DDC, but wanted to respond since you said you were freaking!)
My labor started with bloody show.. then period-like cramps. My contractions felt like really strong menstrual cramps. Not everyone describes them that way, but that is exactly how mine felt. Even now when I get regular menstrual cramps, it's reminiscent of labor (although on a much smaller scale )

Try to relax and do something to keep your mind off of it (I know, easier said than done!)..
Good luck!
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Could be! Regardless, try to relax and rest (or distract yourself with non-exhausting activities)! You will be glad you did once it really is active labor.

How exciting, mama! Keep us posted!
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I'm actually freaking that much I'm crying.... And the cramps aren't even that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think it helps that I'm totally alone in the house... And everyone who is meant to be with me when I give birth are currently unreachable......... OK, I'm breathing....... In....................... And out............................................... ..........................................
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do the cramps go into your thighs, sort of like an all over body cramp. that's what it felt like i was in labor. remember, it will go faster if you are relaxed.
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No all over body cramps yet.... Just in the stomacy / uterus kinda area. It just occurred to me I have a lady coming to visit me in about 40 mins.... So I won't be alone for a while.... Thats a bit of a releif....
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It could be prodominal labor (sp?), you know 'fake labor', the type that gears you up for the real thing. I had a lot of that the last 2 weeks before my kids showed.
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hey there... i'm due too, so have only to offer support here, no experience. your body could do this for 20 more hours... think positive.... you're baby is NOT going to be born any minute... you have time, your support people have time to get home, get your message and get to you...

...in the meantime eat well, drink lots and choose a lowkey task to pass some time...

... you will be fine... your baby is not in a rush.

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I would suggest you take a warm bath, try to relax and lay down if you can and rest a little! you will need your energy if this is labor!
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Relax! Take a shower...(if you can). Labor is hard to mistake, even if you've never experienced it before. You won't think... could this be it... you will know THIS IS IT... don't call it labor for nothin'

sit down, relax... usually it is slowed if you sit/lie down.
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Well, if it helps you feel calmer, I've been feeling those consistently pretty much since Friday of last week, and I'm still here, with baby inside! Of course, I know it goes a lot faster for a lot of people... but it seems it's quite common for the early work/ rehearsal contractions to start and then stop entirely (at least that's what they keep telling me...)

Of course, you're talking to a first-timer here! But I freaked out the first three times it happened, and then decided I was going to blow all my strength if I kept assuming active labor was around the corner. Good luck.. do try to relax, keep drinking fluids... it's good to have a plan in place to figure out who would get you to the hospital 'in the event' so you can feel you have your bases covered--and then (as hard as it sounds) just try to take it easy.
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Well I'm really liking the idea of false labor.... BUT if this is the real deal.... I'm pleased to hear she won't be here any minute...... I have time............. I've stopped freaking as much now...... Phew....... Thanks guys....... Focusing on being calm.... Might go have a bath after the lady has been to visit me...... Until then I'm just gunna sit here and work on babies scrap book..... Thats a relaxing task.....
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It's okay, you can do this!!! Remember that the stronger your surges the closer you are to holding your baby!! Try not to fight it. Relax your body, relax your mind. Try to envision yourself opening, like a flower, one petal at a time. Remember, your body was built to birth. Women have been birthing for as long as humanity has existed, you have everything you need within you to do this.

Sending thoughts of strength and peace for your birth. Looking forward to hearing your beautiful story!
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Coming in from the October DDC with some more reassurance.

I had similar cramping with my second pregnancy for about 1 1/2 weeks prior to the big event (and I mean BIG! My water burst in the most dramatic fashion as the onset of my labour )

I'm 36 weeks now and have been having prodromal labour off and on for the last 1 1/2 weeks. I'm guessing I still have another week or so to go. It's long and frustrating, but I am making progress. I've gone from 1cm last week to 2cm this week, my cervix is lower and slowly effacing. It feels good to know that the contractions are helping, even at a turtle's pace.

I hope you've managed to have a nice bath and calm down a bit now, no matter what's happening. Labour can be so overwhelming!
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Please be calm. Labor is nothing to freak about. You're going to be fine, even if you have to do this yourself without support, everything is going to be fine. Your body is perfectly designed to do this, as long as you can be calm and let your body work. If you need to sit, then sit. If you need to move, then move. If you need to sleep, then sleep. Remember to breathe and keep your voice low and deep when you get to the point of having to work through the contractions. Think of open thoughts, like the way it feels to bulge out your pelvic floor during urination. Keep your mouth and shoulders loose.

Don't panic, there's nothing to panic about. This is normal and safe and if you let yourself be calm and in the moment, you will find the beauty, peace, and strength of yourself as you move toward birth.

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I had several bouts of the strong ctx that radiate out into my thights & back a bit along with several bowel movements, but of course it stopped. My guess is I will have this off & on for a few days or maybe even a week before anything REALLY happens.

So just try to relax. It could be the start of the real thing or false labor jsut getting your body prepared, either way just try to take it easey & rest. Look at it this way if it is the real thing & you are already this tense you will be in for a long road. Try some deep breathing, positive visualizations & affirmations (I have faith in my body, I picture my cervix opening wide to allow my baby easy passage, I am calm!!! ) Hey & if nothing else a glass of wine is great for helping you relax, but only 1 glass

Rest & relax mama, let your body do the work it needs to & knows how to do!!! Sending you much peace & calming vibes
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Thanks everyone for replying.... DP got home yesterday evening and I was SO releived.... UNTIL he informed me that he couldn't handle any of this and that he wasn't ready to be a father or to be with me and it was too much commitment... : After all that I couldn't even get the words out that I was possibly in the early stages of labor... He then went out again and stayed somewhere else last night..... So I went and stayed at my Mothers and got home today and he asked me what was wrong... DID I EVEN HAVE TO ANSWER THAT?!?!?! I MEAN WTF!!!! He springs all that crap on me right when I'm almost due to have a baby... What did he think I was gunna be doing??! Singing off rooftops?! I just said I was tired and sore and a bit worried and confused (Which is the truth - The polite truth, but still the truth) and he said he couldn't deal with me being sad so he was going to go stay somewhere else tonight.... And with that went and is having a nap now... I'm trying to stay calm... But its getting REALLY hard.... I just want to cry, but I can't because it'll probably just make him mad. The pains are still coming on and off and they're a bit sorer now.... So I'm sitting down with a warm hot water bottle on my stomac, might go have a bath soon. I don't know what to do about tonight.... I don't wanna be by myself but I don't think I have much choice in the matter.... All I can focus on right now is trying to stay calm and relaxed, I can feel a panic attack coming on and that really won't help any. I mean I'm pleased he felt he could at least be honest and tell me how he was feeling.... Not that any of it made it hurt any less... Well that was yesterday, he was at least nice about it then.... Today hes been not as nice. I don't know what to do Other than try to stay calm.... (I still haven't quite managed to tell him about the possible early labor stage thing... I don't think I can.... Not now)
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oh wow mama. I am so sorry!

I don't know what kind of advice to give. can you get a doula for you're birth? have a close freind that can come stay with you? you definitly need to try to forget about him and concentrate on focusing all your energy into your birth/labor. enjoy these last few days of you're pregnancy. Don't let him steal that from you because he has cold feet!

I will be thinking of you, you CAN get through this and you WILL!

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Jumping in from Oct ddc to offer you some support!

Rainbowmoon is right, find yourself someone who you trust and are close to, to be there for you during labor & the end of the pregnancy. You certainly don't need his childish attitude altering the atmosphere for you. Don't worry about being too polite to him either, you're the one whose about to have a baby! The stress he's putting you under could absolutely put you into labor too, if you are, make sure you mention what has happened to the midwives so that they can provide you with support also.

Sorry if I've overstepped any boundaries but my son's father did this to me also, but we were sooooo much better off without him!

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