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Cholesterol levels and EBF

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I am nursing my 25 month-old son. Last week I went in to my midwife's for an annual exam. She did all the routine bloodwork and all was fine apart from my total cholesterol level. It was 206, which is considered "borderline." My HDL/LDL ratio was fine.

The midwife said that BF can artificially lower cholesterol levels but that, once supplemental feedings have begun, those levels usually normalize. I did a bit of quick research on the internet this morning, and I found(according to at least one source) that cholesterol levels actually INCREASE during pregnancy and following delivery, but they then normalize. I couldn't find anything that said when that should happen.

So, now I'm confused. At this stage in the game, would BF have any effect on maternal serum cholesterol levels? And if so, what? Oh, and he may be 25 months old, but DS is an avid nurser, both day and night, in case that makes any diference.

Anyone out there in the know? Thanks in advance.
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She may be thinking of calcium levels, and how it relates to osteoporosis? I want to caution people out there to take what midwives say with a grain of salt. Some of them know their bfing inside and out, some don't. They are birthing experts. (At least lay midwives are. Some nurse midwives are more like mini-OBs.--rant) LLL Leaders are a better bet for bfing info. They have the Breastfeeding Answer Book, for ex.

That said, I don't see any info in my BAB about cholesterol lvls in bfing moms. Nor have I seen any research. It may be out there. Try a google search. Of course, cholesterol is affected by diet and heredity, which may offer more to go on than bfing alone.
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