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Take *THAT* granny!!!!!

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this women drives me nuts!! It is dh's granny and I'm jsut not good enough for her favorite grandchild!

Anyway, she kept telling me....if you don't start Tracy on solid food by 3 months he'll NEVER be on table food by 1. I asked her why he had to be ob table food by 1. She said..BECAUSE.

She also said I had to stop bfing when he got teeth...cause it would hurt. She asked if I had the crazy notion in my head to let ds wean himself. When I told her yes she about died!

What I find funny is......ds didn't start solids til about 6 months. Then he stopped solids for about 2 months and then started back. He is 11 months and eats table food but is still primarily bf'd. HAHAHAHA!!!

Ppl have said the dumbest things to me......if you don't do this ___ he'll be this way ___

It makes me chckle...but then feel really sorry for their kids!
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Good for you for sticking to what you want. My mom is really on my for still rocking my 27 month old to sleep and letting him have a bottle (I couldn't nurse him but I bottle-nurse - still always hold him when he has one, before nap and bed.). He is a wonderfully well-adjusted little kid but I'm still doing everything wrong, right? And I am planning to let my 5 month old self-wean as well and they are all aghast about that, plus I haven't started solids yet. People will always find SOMETHING to complain about!
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