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scar tissue on nipple

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TMI to follow!

so my early days getting started with breastfeeding DS were not easy and i ended up with a big chunk missing out of one nipple, that end developed a hypertrophic scar (i have an unfortunate tendency to scar that way elsewhere on my trunk as well!). most of the time this doesn't cause us problems nursing, but when his first sets of teeth came in, he abraded the scar a lot and i kept getting blisters that would pop after a few days and then there would be a week of bloody pussy yuckiness on my nipple that would eventually heal (i just kept nursing as normal on that side).

i thought we were well past that after around 1 year, but since i got pregnant he's been nursing more frequently and i've had more sensitive nipples... i think my supply is down somewhat and he's being rougher with my nipples because he can't get the milk out he's used to. this side has always been the lower supply side and slower let down. sometimes now he'll try for 5 minutes to nurse on that side, but i'll never hear him swallow, and then he'll give up and say "other side?" other times of day he's gulping with each suck. anyway, he's raised a blister again, and it just popped yesterday, and now my nipple is very sore and tender, and bloody and there's this pussy gummy white stuff on it, too. so i have three questions....

1) anything i can do right now about the current damage to my nipple?
2) is it worth trying to wean to the other side only when i'm expecting a new baby in april?
3) will the new baby have trouble learning to nurse with that side - i'm thinking it'll be ok... i'm also worried that i will sustain more damage as the new baby figures out this weird nipple.
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no one has any ideas? oh well!

i'm feeling sucky about it right now because i just bled through a white shirt maybe i need to go get a pair of soothiez just like i had in the early days. i wonder if lansinoh would help - i'm a little scared if there's a touch of thrush that that would make things worse??

did anyone purposefully wean from one side (rather than the child just choosing a preferred side)? how did you do it? and why?
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You could try tamanu oil. IT regenerates tissue and heals scars (I know women who have used it on C section scars with great results) It is safe for ingestion UNLESS you have a nut allergy. I would start there.
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