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The first place Eli would pull to standing was the bookshelf with his board books on it.

Ya know- reading to a baby took some learning on MY part. I had to let go of all expectations. Some days it would involve looking at the same picture for a long time. at 7-8mos. it was all about Eli turning the pages as quickly as possible. Sometimes books were used for teething, other times I could actually read every word. My husband was way better at this than I was, and while I am a children's librarians, I credit him with my sons early interest in books. He was so patient and consistent with reading.

By the way- we started reading daily at 6 weeks.

I love your advice sozobe- right on!
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As I am a 2nd grade teacher, I figure my son heard me read at least a story a day while in utero, plus all of the stories my students read to me. When he was born, we started to read to him at a few weeks old. He went through a long phase, at around 8 months to 15 months or so, during which he would not sit and listen to any stories, but then it ramped right back up to about 2 hours or more of reading a day. He will sit and listen to chapter books without pictures at 2.5 years old now, and he and I will sit for hours and make up stories together. It's so much fun... but, after a day with my 7 and 8 year old students, sometimes, I just don't feel like reading in my most animated voice. Of course, I suck it up and do it anyway!
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Birth. Dd has always loved books and being read to. When she was small we would lay together, and when she got a little bigger she would sit in her saucer so that I could face her and read and make faces to her. Even now if I say "wanna read some books" and sit cross legged on the floor, she'll go get a few and back in to sit on my lap. So cute!!

Well, until recently. She's been favouring running and jumping lately so I hope once she has those down she'll remember our stories. Still books at nap and bedtime though.

Piglet, I think just having the books there for her to explore and reading to her even though she's not sitting on you rapt with attention is still building a good foundation for the love of reading!! Maybe she's a tactile little bug, what about books with textures and moving parts?

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We did a little bit when she was 1 to 2wks old. I've just started daily reading (1 or 2 board books) yesterday... hope to continue. She's 10wks now.
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I read to all of my dear children from the time they were born. all of them reacted differently. #1 would not lay there and did not care to pay attention at all. #2 would just lay there and listen. #3 listened and tried to eat the book; #4 loved to be read to and was the easiest to teach to read.

He loved Eric Carle's colorful illustrations. He also loved books that were repetitious and had rhythm and rhyme. He is a good reader and researcher to this day.
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I started reading to both my children the day they came home from the hospital. I was blessed with children who calmed down when they heard the sound of my voice!
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I started reading to ds in utero, and read to him quite a few times throughout the day. Some days he's riveted by what he's hearing and others he just wants to flip pages. I recently got a copy of The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease that has huge lists of books that are great for reading to children.
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birth, but we went through periods where they wouldn't sit still for it. I still read out loud, though. . . and it got easier after the first, b/c once she was 18 mos or so, she'd always sit for a book, and I didn't feel like I was talking to myself
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I started reading to DS right away,

although it was never very consistent, certainly not as consistent as I wanted. I found too, that he never really sat still long enough... he has always gotten bored easily! But, I would try just reading out loud my own books at first, as well as reading some simple board books, like Goodnight Moon. Lately I've noticed (he's 11 months) that he reaches for our stack of books more often. Now when we read I try to read whatever's on the page, but he's mainly interested in turning the pages, so once he turns the page, I read what's on that page, often pointing to pictures and naming them. He loves practicing his page turning skills and I love that he's interested in reading more now. I too need to remind myself to do it more often!
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Pretty much since birth. I used to bring DS to our bed and lay there with him on his back and hold the book up in front of us. This was partially selfish, however, b/c it meant that I got to lay down!

He was ALWAYS fascinated by any pictures in books. I think I have it written down, but he started being REALLY into reading when he was about maybe 8 mos or so. Now, at almost 15 mos he will "read" by himself. We don't even encourage this behavior-he just does it. It is too cool to watch. He also is fascinated by magazines especially anything with pictures of babies in it.

I would give it time. Some come to it sooner than others. Plus, if you and your DP are big readers your DC will grow up surrounded by books and having their most important role models doing so.
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We have read to dd on and off since she was born, but in the last month have added Goodnight Moon to our bedtime routine (she's 4.5 months) and tried to read more during the day. Now when we lay down for bed, we both lay on our backs and I read to her and she pays attention the whole time. As soon as I say The End and put the book down, she rolls to her side to nurse, but not before the book is over! DH also found Goodnight Moon on HBO the other day as part of some 1/2 hour kids story thing and Tivo'd it. Now if she's having a hard time calming down at night we play the goodnight moon segment and she settles to watch it. She doesn't watch any other tv, so I think she recognizes this story (the pictures are like animations right out of the book). She has some patience for board books during the day. 2 days ago she surprised me by not only sitting through the Cat in the Hat and paying attention, but jabbering along with me through the whole book (and that's kind of a long book!).
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I actually read the entire book "Little Women" to Chase while he was still in the womb. He came out loving to be read to and still does at 17 months. He actually brings books to me several times a day saying "Ree, ree!" (Read) He has an awesome vocabulary, as well, which I contribute partially to loving books so much and partially to the fact that I am about the most talkative person on the entire planet. :-)

My suggestion to you would be to give your baby a book to look at, rip, whatever (a board book, like you said, if you don't want it completely shredded), while you read to her from another. It works with my wild-child niece!

I do think that reading can help with vocabulary and speech, but as long as you are talking to your baby a lot, that probably has a similar, probably even better effect.
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Piglet, don't feel guilty! Dd #2 is the same age as your dd and loves to eat books. As for reading them, she's so different to her big sister, who would sit and listen avidly from birth, it seemed. The baby hears stories and language all day long (dd# 1 is never quiet, and I try to read board books to her, but she's so cheeky that it usually becomes a battle to grab the book from my hands and throw it at her sister!

We'll keep trying and I know she'll settle in the end, but all children are different and you can take a horse to water, and all that.

The interesting thing for me is that although the baby isn't having the same language experience as my first child (how could she, as I'm looking after a toddler 24/7 now), she is hitting language milestones at exactly the same age. Although 'Mama' was about word #20 for my first dd, it was the baby's first real word - because she hears her sister say it all day long!

I guess what I'm trying to say is, relax, and enjoy reading when it feels right and your babe starts to enjoy it. They change so fast, one day it may be a disaster, and the next, she will discover the joy of reading with you. I'm sure my baby will eventually decide that books have another use other than as a teether!
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by LunaMom
[B]I started at birth. You know how we often read to her? We used to lie on the bed with her alongside us, and hold a book up above our heads! It sounds weird, but she loved it!

We did exactly the same thing Now Gabe is nearly 2 and absolutely adores books.
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