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Where'd they go?

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My boobs have gone completely flat and my milk supply has diminished I can't figure out why this should be the case, since my 15 mo is almost constantly nursing, just as much as he always has. I'm having problems pumping for my work days, and I also need to pump up a rather large supply for some dental work that I'm having done. Bad time for this deflation to have occured.

I think maybe it's stress, as my babe and I both have some serious dental issues going on. Plus I've been very worried about Peak Oil and such lately...argh, now I can add dimished milk supply to the list. :

Or, maybe it's something else? It seems like I'm always starving lately, and will eat 4-5 large meals a day...

Can anyone offer any suggestions? This has happened very suddenly; I went flat on Tuesday (9/12) and am still flat today. TIA!!!
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Breast size has very little to do with milk supply once the initial engorgement period is over. Are you sure you're having a diminished supply overall, not just reduced pumping output? Is your breastpump in good working order- it might be in need of some routine maintenance, or there might be a crack in the tubing somewhere reducing the suction.

Any chance you could be pregnant?
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Thanks for the suggestions, it never hurts to have the pump serviced.

I can't really tell if my supply is overall diminished, except that the babe doesn't seem to be as satisfied these last couple of days.

I guess it's not the size, in itself, that I'm worried about. It's the change in size; they've been more or less the same size for the last 14-15 months of nursing, give or take for "full/emptyness". This is pretty dramatic.

Also, whenever I've gone 4-6 hours without pumping or nursing my breasts have filedl up and swelled. They just stayed flat Tuesday, Wed, and today. I've depended on those "swells" for pumping purposes...but that just hasn't been happening.

I'm hesitant to try fenugreek just because I'm always hesitant to take things...and I've made it this long without it...does anyone know of any normal foods that I might already have in my cupboard or fridge?

Thanks Again!

Oh, no not pregnant
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try some oatmeal and make sure you are drinking enough water. Could th LO be having a growth spurt? I hope that you fiure it out!

oht pumping.
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This is going to sound really silly but have you tried pancake syrup? I found out by accident that it causes me to make ALOT more milk to my already over flowing supply...

I have read some where that people taking fergnek say their breath smells like syrup sometimes so not sure if there is a connection??????

I am sure you probably figured this out but I dont drink the syrup I put a good amount on my pancakes or waffles.
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I've recently stared to go through a similar thing. DD was born July 18/06 she's almost 9 weeks old. I used to be able to pump atleast a 6oz bottle a day. I went back to work on Monday for 3-5hrs a day. I didn't pump at work because I didn't feel full. I fed her right before I left, and as soon as I got back. She usually has 4hrs between feedings. Also while I try to eat and drink alot I think maybe it's not enough. Plus I just caught a cold. Anyways now I can barely get 2 oz a day while pumping up to six times! And she drinks 4-5 oz from the bottle while I'm gone, my freezer supply is almost gone. On top of that She is going through a growth spurt. It seems like she's hungy after she eats so we just switch back and forth between breasts til she get frustrated. Her soft spot is even so I know she's not dehydrated, but her diapers have cut down a little. I want her to suck hopingf to stimulate production but it doesn't seem to be working. I really want to bf but I don't want her going hungry, so I think I might have to start supplimenting. Could I just be drying up? nothing I change seems to work, HELP!
It doesn't even feel like I'm letting down anymore!
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Chronic Chrissy, I know it may seem like a pain but have you tried letting her eat from one breast and pumping from another? That usually stimulates production for me when I need it. Get you partner/husband to help you until you get comforatable holding a baby and pump.
Also I am sure you already drink alot of warer but I would take a half gallon mug with me to work and would drink the 4-5 hours I was there and I found on days when I drinked it all, I would have to pump before actually feeding my little one because I had so much milk!!!!!

Just keep trying and dont give up!!!!!!!!!!!
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