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Just started the day with strawberries and bananas, and english muffin with cream cheese.
It keeps me from feeling nauseous all morning, which is a miracle!
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Breakfast: oatmeal with honey, milk, and raisins
Lunch: turkey sandwich with everything (jalepenos, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, the works)
Supper: roast beef sandwich, 2 fried eggs


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with sausage
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich
Supper: hamburger with the works

I have minor nausea, but nothing to keep me from eating! I love to eat, and go from not at all hungry to starving very quickly. I have strong feelings about what I'm eating, though. Some things I just can't stand the thought of, and others, I crave.
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Today I had a great veggie wrap for lunch with salsa and cheese... supper will be haddock (breaded, but oh well), and a big green salad and baked potatos.
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Lunch was a Spicy chicken Fillet from Wendy's complete with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. I forgot to ask for the extra lettuce and tomatoes like I usually do I was so excited about the jalapenos!

Dinner will be whatever hubby cooks for me, Tues is his night. I hope he does better than I have the last few nights. Sunday I had nothing and went out and got him two Double Whoppers (ugh!) and yesterday I made soup, which he had to make toast for so he wouldn't starve to death. Oh, and Saturday I boiled up some tortellini and made a salad, that was pretty healthy.
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Yay -- I must be easing out of the nauseous phase. Today I ate a large chopped salad with lots of veggies, nuts and edamame! I did combine it with a chocolate-banana milkshake , but I was pretty happy to be able to eat a salad! Also, I no longer crave McChickens (with the same intensity, anyhow...) I hope this means I am turning a corner with regard to food aversions.
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You know, I tried a McChicken today to see if they were *that* good, and you know what? it really wasn't. I am mourning those calories that could be ice cream now! Hmm.... ice cream.... be right back!!!!
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I'm so happy. For the past two days I've felt almost normal as far as eating goes. I haven't had to force myself to eat things and haven't had to burp them up for hours afterward. I sure hope this sticks!

I made a yummy delicious chicken caccitore last night and a chicken pot pie tonight.
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You mean there's an end to the burping?! Oh thank goodness!!!!
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woo hoo for chicken pot pie! That's what I'm making tonight... yum!

My latest indulgence... oh my goodness, I discovered danone danissimo mousse yogurt in lemon meringue pie flavor. I actually HIDE them in the fridge so nobody else can eat them. They are my new best friend!
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I made a great shepherd's pie last night for dinner. Overall it was pretty healthy except I loaded on the cheese.

This morning, I had some Malt-o-Meal, gawsh I love that stuff, two pieces of whole wheat toast and some oj.

I've been snacking on pumpkin seeds all morning. With a Reese's Pieces thrown in there once in a while for variety.

I'm going to try to go for a side salad and baked potato for lunch.
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Breakfast: oatmeal cooked in apple cider, with raisins
Lunch: grilled cheese, grapes, apples
Supper: soft-boiled eggs with sourdough toast

Breakfast: blueberry/banana sourdough pancakes
Lunch: chicken noodle soup (chicken, homemade broth, carrots, celery, onions)
Supper: maybe homemade pizza, maybe something else. I think at this point, it's still a surprise to everyone, including me!

Snacks: crispy almonds, apples, apple slices with peanut butter, grapes, bananas, yogurt with berries

Chicken pot pie sounds delicious! That is always a big hit in my family.
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I made an apple crisp snack the other night in the microwave. I found the original recipe on allrecipes.com and was a little skeptical that any form of apple crisp in the microwave could be good, but it was actually tasty enough that I thought I'd share.

First, I cored and sliced two apples and spread them out into the bottom of two small creme brulee type dishes. Then, I mixed up:

1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons oats
1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp cinnamon

The original recipe called for 1/4 melted butter added to this, but I used 1/4 peanut butter instead and cut it in with a pastry cutter until it was nice and crumbly. I halved this mixture and spooned it over the apples in the dishes and baked it for about 10 minutes in the microwave. Yum.
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Dinner tonight is homemade broccoli-cheese soup. Mmmmmm.

(Of course that partially makes up for the fact that at breakfast I ate a new Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich and poutine for a snack....)
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Breakfast was bacon, cheese and egg croissanwiches.
Lunch was crackers and a hot cheese/tomato and WAY too much garlic dip.
Dinner is steak and beans and potatoes.... maybe. maybe just steak.
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well, today was, how shall I say this... not the best nutritionally speaking!

I had cereal with apples and milk for breakfast.

I had (eating out) a chicken pesto sandwich and mushroom bisque soup and not one, but 2 big chocolate chip cookies, and potato chips. I can't stand potato chips, and ch.ch. cookies don't even sound good to me most days. Oh well...

I had leftover pizza and apple pie for supper. Both were homemade, but still, I've done better.

Tomorrow is a new day!
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