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Won't sleep at daycare (also posted in nightime parenting)

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DD has decided these past few weeks that she needs to be near someone to sleep. This is not a problem with co-sleeping a night, which we do. For months she has taken a nap faithfully for DH in the pack n play. Now, she won't nap for either he or I unless held. (I think this all started when she was really sick a few weeks ago and we let her sleep in our arms)

My daycare lady had no trouble with her and naps (I was actually a bit jellous) until the past few days. She won't stay down. She had been putting herself down in the packnplay but now she must be rocked, which is fine. But she won't stay asleep more than 20 minutes.

So the daycare lady is upset with me. She is really great about letting the parents decide and doing thier parenting style (which is really sad when she has CIO parents, she says she hates it).

I have hinted at her slinging my DD or something like that, but she is not agreeable to that. She has the 2 babies upstairs in pack in plays and the bigger kids downstairs on the living room floor. Unfortunatly she makes too much racket to just "stay up" - plus she is a total bear the rest of the day.

So now, I have to go pick up DD who hasn't basically slept today since she got up at 6:30. We had been so lucky until this!

HELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do.
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She's 8 months?

You know, your dcp may not like it, but there's not a lot you can do to force your child to sleep. My dd is also in a home based day care center. She started at nine months. Particularly in the beginning, there were days when she wouldn't nap at all, and days where she would only sleep for 45 minutes or so. Usually, on those days, she would fall asleep in the car on the way home.

If your daycare provider has one, she could try putting your daughter into one of those little swing or bouncy things. My daughter would sometimes sleep there, but not in the pack n play.

You can also try sending a "lovey" with her--a stuffed animal or blanket that she and you sleep with all the time. That would be something to hang onto.

The daycare provider has to figure out how to deal with the "racket"--I'm surprised that she hasn't made any allowance for this, because you can bet that your daughter isn't the only child ever to go on a "napping strike!"

And don't worry--this too shall pass: my dd has been taking 2 hour naps every afternoon for months, now. It's probably just a phase.
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I suspect this has less to do with your nighttime sleeping arrangements than some developmental milestone she is going through. Perhaps you could remind your DCP about that. Since it's only been for the past few days, this really sounds like a phase. Perhaps she is getting ready to crawl, stand or even begin walking.

I'm sure if you did a search of some parenting sites, you'd find mainstream advice about lack of napping coinciding with developmental milestones. Perhaps there are some printouts you could give your provider. I agree with the PP, she's just going to have to deal with babes who go on nap strikes in favor of practicing some other skill. She may need to keep her up with the big kids until it's past.
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I agree with both the PPs. My DS went on a similar napping strike around 9 or 10 months. He would fall asleep, but wouldn't stay asleep for any length of time. I second the idea of a swing or bouncy seat, but it may be something your DCP just has to live with for a while.

Also, you didn't say what she was sick with a while ago, but is there any possibility she could have an ear infection? We always suspected DS was working on an ear infection when he would fall asleep easily, but not stay asleep.

This too shall pass.
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Teething always seems to interfere with my baby's sleep routines. Is your baby getting teeth? (aren't they always for 2 years straight?!!) Perhaps a Teething Remedy would help her to settle. Around this time my dcp used one of those vibrating bouncy seats and my dd would just fall asleep in it. I would buy her extra batteries since she left it on vibrate for the whole hour nap. The dcp needs to be flexible to meet her need during tough times! I agree with pp to give some educational material to the dcp so she's knows this is not necessarily related to cosleeping, etc.
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How has you DC been napping lately, bauchtanz? Hope things have gotten easier.
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On Monday she refused to take a nap for the DCP and her dad in the am. But she was happy as could be! So she crashed Monday night at about 7pm (instead of her usual 10pm).

SOOOO - she was up an hour early for me on Tuesday morning :

Then yesterday she took a 1.5 hour nap for her dad in the am, but only an hour (maybe a little more) or so nap at daycare. I did give her some tylenol, and I think that helped. (I normally give teething tablets, but this seemed to be really bothering her)

Last night she was up nearly the whole night, and I am starting to suspect it is teething. She had lots of trouble with the 2 bottom teeth. No trouble with one of them on top, and then I think there is one coming in on top and giving her fits. She was up much of the night....

Her dad just called me to say she didn't take a nap this morning. So hopefully she will crash for the DCP. I gave her some tylenol, but I don't think it helped.

All weekend we had held her for her naps, because if she gets set down she throws a fit about it. It is just hard to get anything done this way, and when you work, you only have so many hours in the day.

Hoping this will get better. (Although I do enjoy holding her)
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