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I've never heard of these before today. Does anyone have experience living in a hot-climate yurt?

Off to do research...
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Originally Posted by Sativarain1 View Post
yurtdwellingmama, your home sounds awesome!..... I been dreamin' of livin in a yurt for years on a huge piece of land.... thanks for sharing ~
Thanks, Sativarain1! It's so cool to share with people who are really interested in this lifestyle. IRL we do have a lot of friend who think our yurt is neat and are very curious about it, but of course, they "could never live that way."

There are also those who think we're off our rocker, and my dad who wishes I could live somewhere "a little more modern."
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So these handle cold pretty well, but what about heat? I live in texas and am very interested in low impact and alternative buildings, but I'm not sure how well it would handle the really high heat out here.
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Originally Posted by mamajessica View Post
Hilary, EStreet and I are trying to plan a trip to Pacific Yurts sometime this fall. Would you want to drive in and meet us?
That sounds like a great trip! Unfortunately I won't beable to come with you ladies due to decreased cash flow But keep me posted if you decide to go again in the spring.
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Here is a new NY Times article on yurt living. The family profiled uses it as a vacation home, has an outhouse, and no electricity.

There are some nice photos if you click on "Yurt Living" under "Multi-media."

I wonder why we never get calls from the media?
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Hello everyone, I just posted on a similar thread on the first page of this topic/ yurts......am a little pressed for time right now ...will say that we are a group , here in Western Canada some living year-round in yurts.

We build our own very inexpesivly....please look at other post for a bit more info.

Can pm me also for more info.

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Just wondering what the yurt is like when it gets very hot. We are trying to relocate to TX so hot and dry. I've looked at the different options for the center hole (tinted window, screen and fan). I was also thinking about having more than just the two standard windows so I could open them and get some circulation. Any ideas about how many windows would be best??

Can anyone tell me about their yurt in the heat??!! TIA!!!!
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I will say that our yurt is MORE uncomfortable in the heat than the cold. I would suggest double insulation, if you can afford it, especially on the roof. Also as many windows/doors as possible, and screen doors. We have six windows and two doors. The tinted dome may be helpful (we don't have one, but I have wished we did), and definitely the dome opener. Yes to the ceiling fan.

If you build your deck up off the ground a foot or two you could put a vent/fan in the floor to blow the cooler air from underneath the deck into the yurt. We plan on making that mod to ours next year.

Good Luck!
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oh your yurt looks awesome! I have started looking around for a little land near here so we can get our yurt dream going in the next couple of years I hope! Must look into council codes to see how a canvas yurt would fare at getting approval, I know the wooden walled yurts meet code but don't know about canvas Thanks for sharing yurtdwellingmama!
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Does anyone know much about Bill Coperthwaite's concentric tapered wall yurt design? Anyone built one? I would love to see pic of the intereior of one.
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We have the plans for his family yurt. We haven't built yet :
but we're getting our ducks in a row

yurtworks's yurts are based on Bill's designs and they have some interior pics on their website

We're trying to see if we can get things together to be in one by next year
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Yurtdwellingmama...thanks so much for posting pics!!!

We need land.
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just subbing
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I'm intrigued...
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Yurt dwelling mama i'd love to see some more pics of your yurt, did you purchase the yurt or build it yourself? I am just starting building one and in the planning gathering stage. Any advise?

Blessings Lisa
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Originally Posted by yurtdwellingmama View Post
This is AWESOME!!! i like this thread so much! WTG, Yurtdwellingmama!
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Yurtdwellingmama- thanks so much for sharing!
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Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you have found the photos helpful. I really do intend to post some more pics because we have changed the yurt quite a bit, but I just have not had the time to do it. I'll let everyone know with a post when I finally do.

Originally Posted by mamacitarisa View Post
Yurt dwelling mama i'd love to see some more pics of your yurt, did you purchase the yurt or build it yourself? I am just starting building one and in the planning gathering stage. Any advise?

Blessings Lisa
We purchased our yurt from Pacific Yurts. They are an awesome company. It is quite doable to build one yourself if you have the time, and skills. See a website called http://www.yurtinfo.org . There are a lot of resources listed regarding plans for build-it-yourself yurts.

We had zero experience when we started looking for something we could build ourselves, we knew we needed some kind of kit, and we looked at various options including geodesic domes. I had never even heard of a yurt, and then one day happened to catch a segment on HGTV. Shockingly, I met the woman who produced this segment for HGTV here on MDC (thank you boatbaby!!). After I saw that segment I was all about yurts. I knew it was for us and dh agreed.

As for advice, whew. Well, do your homework. Make a list of needs and wants. A yurt can be as grand or simple as you desire. You can live in a very simple way (almost camping) or finish the interior to have all the modern conveniences. That is what is so awesome about yurts in my opinion. They can be anything you want them to be.

If you choose a manufactured yurt, I'd go with one of the really established companies, they are Pacific Yurts, Ranier Yurts, and Colorado Yurts. There are others that are reputable too, but these three have really stood the test of time. If you are considering it as a permanent dwelling you will eventually need replacement parts from your yurt company. After 8 years we replaced our windows, and one day we will need to replace our sidecover (although it is still in nearly new condition). So you really want your yurt company to be around.

We have phoned Pacific Yurts countless times, and have asked for advice on modifications, options and upgrades. I can't imagine a company having better customer service than Pacific Yurts.

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

Good Luck!

PS: One note from above regarding geodesic domes, Pacific Domes is a type of dome that is similar to a yurt in that it is fabric covered and built on a deck. We considered this, and I have always been intrigued by them, although I am more than happy with our choice.
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I would LOVE to live in a yurt! Maybe some day...
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