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Does it work? How well should it work? How long should it take to work? How much of it do you have to take for it to work?

I have been taking 3660 mg a day (6 caplets a day) for a week or so and have seen no change at all in my supply. I smell like syrup when I sweat and have hot flashes (which I always have with fenugreek). Should I stop taking it or will it do something eventually?
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I take 12 caps a day and the maple smell goes away after a while. I would say take it as long as you want to boost your supply.
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I take 12x 620 mg caps a day as well as 8 caps of blessed thistle a day. I've been doing so since my DD was 2 weeks old. I also take domperidone. I find that the combo works very well for me.

You may try upping your dose, and or adding in the blessed thistle. I've read (on Dr Newman's site) that the combo works better together.

Good luck! Also make sure you are keeping hydrated and well fed.
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Do any of you find that you get headaches with the herbs? Have any of you tried Mothers Milk Plus and liked it better than herbs? Thanks for letting me know.
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Fenugreek doesn't work for everyone. IT depends on why your supply is low. If it's a matter of receptor sites or insufficient glandular tissue, fenugreek won't help.
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I am not sure it is working for me at all, and taking 6 caps a day (not even 12) starts to get expensive. My supply has been just about 10% lower the past few weeks. I did get AF and the supply came up some after that big dip, but isn't increasing overall. I was hoping to get over where I have always been (~33-35 ounces/day) just due to her eating more now. I would hate to have to supplement after 7 mpnths.
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