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Us too, DD has asked in the past, but none of our family has shown interest in returning mail.
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DD would LOVE this. She is writing a little and is working on reading. But she loves to draw and send/get mail. She is 5 (6 in Dec) and we would love a homeschooling penpal too.

So do I just post here or PM someone?

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I will be gathering a list together starting tomorrow and will get kiddos a penpal by the begining of next week. Is that good? Too fast? Whatcha think? Any input before I dive into this?
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Next week works well for me. Can we post preferences? DD would prob like someone close to her age 5-7 and a girl. Is it bad that I think she would enjoy a girl penpal more? But if that is not available thats okay too. Oh and we are in WA state.

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Yeah, tomorrow, I will make up some VERY basic little questionaire type thing so you can tell me that and I will do the best that I can
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My dd would enjoy this.She is 7 and in the early stages of reading.My ds is 4 and I will wait a year with him,unless he asked to send drawings.We are in NE Ohio.

I had penpals while in college.Most were in Hungary,and I still write with one who is also now married and with a child. I had one penpal(from Hungary) who traveled the world as a student geologist.I got to see the world through him
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My dd is 4 1/2 and can't write but she can draw and she will dictate long, long emails to her grandparents. I think she would love to have a penpal.

My 12 year old dd wants to particpiate too!

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Count us in please! Dd is 6 and reads and writes small words, also loves to draw and make her own books. Ds will be 5 in October, he would dictate words for me to write and possibly draw pictures. We live in Ohio.
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My kids would love to get mail!! We're in Israel.
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My children would like penpals too. Ages 6 yr old dd, 8 (almost 9 she wants me to say) dd, 10 year old ds, 13 year old dd.

Let me check on the sticky idea.
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Originally Posted by Village Mama
We would love to as well. My son is 5 as well! We are in B.C. Canada
Hey wanna be my 5yo ds pen pal? since were both in b.c canada?
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My almost 6 year old dd would love to do it as well.
I had a penpal when I was in 7th grade and to this day we still keep in touch.
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Ohhh, goodie! Just signed up my 4.5 yo dd and 3 yo ds. They'll be so excited! Oh, who am I kidding? I am just as excited.
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This is going to be a blast! I feel guilty for not signing my 4 yr old up, but I just don't think he'll get as much out of it (and he gets 'books from birth' in the mail from dolly parton- don't ask- & ds5 is jealous about that...)

Are we going to make this a regular thing? I'd love to sign ds4 up when he shows an interest. But 5 is excited.
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I want to sign my almost 6 yo ds up but I'm new and haven't posted enough to be let into the link...I guess I'll just keep posting
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I wish that i could access the link I have a 5yo DD and 6yo Ds who love to send and recieve mail and would like to have pen pals.
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With MDC being down so much (and so people not being about to see this and me not being able to get a bunch of PMs about this), and me forgetting a thing we had last night I am going to give this another day for people to sign up.
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Can I request someone from the US? I'd love someone outside the US but I can't hack the local PO here. It's HORRIBLY slow, the workers are rude, DD likes to rearrange the envelopes and boxes there and I just don't have time to stop by to mail something very often. I think I'd more consistent with this if DS had a penpal in the US. Thanks!
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Stacy, did you email me? If so, I will make sure of that. If not, please do so so that I have all necessary info.
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