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I made my first using the maya wrap online instructions. It was horribly uncomfortable and unsafe! Didn't know about craft rings and all that back then.
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Ok, here's my list.

- ergo (couldn't use until my ds was 6 months old. He hated it before that.)
- Orange sling (Korean closed tail padded sling. I used that for the first month.)
- maya wrap
- phyeonhae chunei

Now, I pretty much just use my Ergo. I love it now!
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my first was a BH XT. I got it because of the price, and i LOVED it! I wish i still had it.
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Mine was a New Native. It was gifted to me. I hated it.
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I couldn't decide so had two to start out with, a Hotsling which I used when out and about since it was packable and I loved it. So easy to go shopping with. For the house we used a Sachi MT. DH and I both used it so that was helpful and it was the only way he could get her to go to sleep for a long time.
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My first was a Moby Wrap and I LOVED IT. Once I figured out how to use it (a little learning curve, but nothing a stuffed animal can't help with), she was always in it. We hiked everywhere and I was never trapped at home with a sleeping baby. I even used it in the summer and she was fine...nice and cozy.
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I was given a Nojo baby sling while pregnant with my first baby. Oh and a Snugli. needless to say, I gave up on babywearing her quickly. Both were very uncomfy!
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My first was a wrap sling - Maya Wrap. My friend actually lent me hers to try with ds1 and I really loved it so I bought my own and returned hers to her.

I have other carriers now - sleepy wrap, Kozy, Catbird Mei Tai, Sutemi pack, Obi, and still like my ring sling best especially from about birth to 6 months.
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I received all three of these (because I asked for them) when pregnant with DS:

Baby Bjorn Active - Asked for this before I'd researched all the alternatives. DH uses it frequently around the house and for walks, and I've found myself putting it on occasionally as a quick and easy alternative to the Moby. Also, DS is less smashed up against me in the BB, which is a consideration because I am battling thrush, and my breasts are quite sensitive sometimes.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling - Unfortunately we haven't used this much. DS just doesn't seem to like the sling as much as an upright carrier. He tends to fuss, and I don't find it as comfortable as the Moby.

Moby Wrap - I love, love, love my Moby and use this most of any of these.

Then after he was born, I purchased a cool looking Hotsling, thinking that he might like that better than the more cavernous Maya Ring Sling - unfortunately, he doesn't! The Maya seems too big, and the Hotsling seems too small. Maybe I need to try harder... I've sort of given up on them both.

Next.... I'd like to get a Meitai I think, and/ or an Ergo!
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A Didymos wrap because my best friend's wife had one and I loved watching her put it on. I thought: How cool is that!
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My first was a Peanut Shell. It was too small, I had to get another one. Well actually, my first given to me was the Jeep Carrier, at my shower, but I did not use it first...I don't think I used it at all. My husband did.

After the Peanut Shell I got a Kozy Carrier mei tai, a Zolowear ring sling, another Peanut Shell, a Babyhawk Mei tai, 2 Comfy Joey pouches, an Eesti Ring sling, a homemade wrap made out of fleece and a Loveseat soft structured carrier.
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My first was a Sprout Pouch- I had never babywore before I got it so I didn't really know what to look for. I got a Hotsling for DH shortly after that because he wanted to wear DS too but wanted something with a more manly print.

We got an Ergo when DS was one and that is what we have been using since.
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Originally Posted by bigbellydreams View Post
and why did you chose that one first?
The New Native pouch sling. I got it because it looked simple and I didn't want to have to adjust anything. I thought it would help my baby sleep but I was WRONG! It didn't work for us at all and it almost ruined me on babywearing. It worked fairly well for the hip carry when he got a little older, but not at all for the traditional sling position.

Then I found the Ergo and the SleepyWrap and have been much happier since!
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Heart to heart sling and new native pouch.

I still have both but never use them - now I'm a wrapper!
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Ergo. I bought it when my dd was 2.5 months. I decided on it because it was plain (neutral so my dh would use it) and it looked easy to use. We really love it. It was my only carrier until my dd was 9 months, and we still use it a lot.

My second carrier was a woven wrap (Merry Carry) that I found tricky at first, but I'm getting better with it lately. It's so soft and I love it for snuggles.

Now I'm looking into a third (and fourth, and....)
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