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Just wanted to post quickly for a pity-party for me

Danny has been teething for over a week now -- he's gotten four in so far. He just can't sleep -- his naps don't last more than an hour these days, and again last night he was up until 11:00 pm!

I went to the doc today to get the weird rash on my face examined to find out it's either shingles (which could lead to the kids getting chicken pox which isn't actually a bad thing but does give one pause....) or herpes caused by stress. Hmmm, where could that have come from? :
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Hugs out to you Meli! Did they start you on any meds or do any tests to figure out if it was one or the other?

Claire got up at 11 last night just to rock in the chair first with me and then with DH. She was dry and didn't want a bottle. I blamed it on teeth, but nothing new in her mouth this morning.
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We went back to the gastro doc today.

Big city rush hour traffic, an hour each way, parking garage, and a lot of walking. That was my day.

Basically, he's lost weight since he was there last.

Not good, and made the Dr freak out. He put us on a liquid food for GI compromised children, called Peptamen...its way high in calories per ounce. Now if he can just drink it...

We go back in a few days to see the Nutritionist, and then a couple weeks after that to see the Dr again.

I am so tired of this, and we're just gettting started!
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Hugs Meli!! I had shingles a few years ago because I went on the Atkins diet : and my immune system paid for it.

Anyways, I have recommended this to many people because the prescription for curing shingles was $150 (in Canada) and didn't seem to help. Health stores sell 100% organic New Zealand Bovine Colostrum tablets. You can take the pills, but what helped me the most was cracking them open, making the powder into a paste and applying it to the affected area. My shingles cleared up in 2 days. I would also let a handful of pills dissolve in the tub - kind of like an oatmeal bath for chicken pox! Whether you've got herpes or a scab or shingles, this stuff works! I've used the leftovers for any minor skin problems and it's fantastic! (the infomercial is complete)

BTW, Sage has been weaned for a week now. I'm in serious mourning . She just stopped asking for it and I stopped offering because there's nothing there and it really just hurts and frustrates both of us. A friend of mine was nursing her 19 month old and Sage ran up with her arms out wanting a taste. Talk about feeling inadequate
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heather and bama!
good luck with schuy at the doc. i hope he starts gaining weight soon. heather, i can only imagine what that must feel like. are you going to try and tandem when the new babe arrives?

school is so kicking my butt. i don't know how i'm going to keep doing it. dh has been gone a lot. i have no help/support with ds or with school. it sucks. plus dh just comes home and trashes the house. we have a wedding to go to this weekend. i have to miss all the prewedding stuff on Friday because the only person who could watch ds backed out today. so again, dh gets to go out and do stuff and i stay at home. : it gets old real quick. i'm just tired. i'm tired of feeling like i'm going this (parenting) alone. it doesn't help when ds constantly says "daddy?" and runs to the door looking for dh. then, when/if dh gets home while ds is still awake, he won't come to him and runs away from him in a huff, all ticked off at him for being gone so long. i have a feeling this may start to cause big behavioral problems. *sigh* wish me luck mamas. i have homework to do...and it's almost midnight.
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Anne, that sounds really hard. You have a lot on your plate. At least you are young! But seriously, though, hang in there, hope it gets better soon.

Hattoo, thanks for the ideas and sorry to hear about the weaning

Bama, sorry to hear the doctor's visit was such a bummer.

Boy, what's with all of us?

Mclisa, thanks for the sympathy. The doc took a sample to see what it is and I should find out in a few days. I'm taking Valtrex and am thinking I need to get down and see the homeopath again soon (it's an hour drive).
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Ok...I can talk now for a minute.

I am just really overwhelmed with all this. I never expected to feel this way, but here's the general idea..

His head hasnt grown in 3 months.
His weight dropped. He did grow a little taller, but nothign else.

He apparently isnt getting enough nutrition to support his body and brain..

the gastro Doc gave us sample cans of this medical grade liquid food, that is super high calorie. 30 calories an ounce, instead of 20 calories an ounce for regular babyformula.

We have to go back to see the nutritionist on the 4th, and back to see the Dr on the 23rd.

I am just so upset...the Dr didnt like the enzymes we've been giving him, saying that some kids get liver damage from using "supplements like THAT".:

well, geez doc, the prevacid is only working on the reflux..its not fixing the root of the problem.!

I dont know what we're supposed to do. Do we stop the enzymes and just do the prevacid, and just do nothing?

Our hope was that the enzymes would help the source of the problem...and we hope that the nutritionist can give us more insight on what can help us.

I cant just treat the symptom...and leave the root cause unknown and unfixed.

So right now, his technical diagnosis is that he's considered GI compromised, and he's IGg and IGa deficient.

And btw..the liquid medical food, which is used in feeding tubes, is $170 or more a case of 24 cans..little 8 oz cans.

He's supposed to drink 1 or 2 cans a day....

I hope the insurance is going to pay for this!
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oh bama! Have they told you anything that you can do for the IgG or the IgA if they don't want you to use the enzymes? I'm sure the insurance should pay for the supplement. Do you qualify for WIC? My sister's little one had to be on pediasure because of lack of growth and WIC covered that. Is he taking the prevacid or spitting it out? You might have better luck disovolving the prevacid solutabs if the liquid isn't working.

annebellee: Does everyone need to take a question of your homework and answer it for you? Maybe you wouldn't want our answers! Sorry about the weaning. You guys did so well! I'm impressed on how long you were able to nurse. That's my goal this time around if we can get one that isn't allergic.

Jeff took Ellysia and Claire to the toddler gymnastics place. He was talking to a couple of moms we know and blinked his eyes. Now Claire has crawled out of the long tunnel she's been in and has disappeared. Not a good parenting moment. They found her right away. She had walked over to the shoe area and was playing with them just like she loves to do at home.
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nope, no answers yet. The dr didnt want us to continue to use the Enzymes, but what am i supposed to do?

HE threw up the peptamen...i dont know what to do next.

I'm afraid they're really gonna freak out when the nurse tells him that his head hasnt grown in 3 months.
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Bama, I'm sending you the biggest hugs and will be praying for you guys. I can't even imagine what you're going through. It's too bad not all of us could have Dr. Sears as a pediatrician.

Annabelle - If Sage asks to nurse after baby comes, I'll let her. I had just come to terms with the fact that I'd be tandem nursing (I was on the fence for a while) and she weaned!! I think she'll remember and it will probably make her feel better. I can't believe I was only going to nurse for 6 months (decision made while pg and uneducated) and now the possibility of tandem nursing has become so real!

I'm ordering the new stroller today: http://www.chariotcarriers.com/html_english/cougar2.htm
I think it'll be great for walking in our northern winters. I walked almost everyday last winter and hope to do the same this year. It'll also help me get Sage & Abby (the 18 month old I'm going to watch 2 days a week starting next week) down for naps at the same time.
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love the stroller.
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*hugs* bama, and the other mamas going through a rough time. we're doing ok here. A little bummed because dh was offered a raise far less than what we were led to expect... but we'll survive. I have been combining my love of shopping for baby clothes and ebay into selling them on ebay. Not making a terrible lot... YET, mwhaha. Big plans, big plans.
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good luck fey..i've never made good money on ebay on ANYTHING. Ask emmy....she's the ebay guru.
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meli-, maybe this will be your month for a baby

bama- and prayers! i would definitely talk to the nurtitionist about the enzymes. they helped ds so much i can't imagine them *harming* schuy's liver as long as you're giving them to him properly. everything can be harmful when not used in the correct manner.

pgmichelle-are you sure you want to do my statistics homework?

heather-neat stroller. does it attach to a bicycle too?

fey-good luck with ebay. i love it. i go to consignment shops and pick up baby gap, gymboree, hanna anderson and such at super cheap prices then sell it on ebay. i made 70$ this month...i also spent 87 on fuzzi bunz though that i was supposed to be selling stuff to make up for the cost
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I found out today that schuy is needing 2 cans of this stuff a day..

so $180 for 12 days worth...

: : :

I just hope he keeps it down this time...
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good morning mamas~

I am feeling much better today..

Ds drank the peptamen and kept it down last night!! but then he had awful poop today, so I dont know!

Where is everyone??

Emmy has disappeared from the face of the earth!
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I'm here today! Our numbers have been dwindling for the moment. Too many good tv shows? Toddlers who no longer let us nak? Ahhh, maybe the cold weather will drive us indoors to the computers.

I've seen one little girl at ballet wearing a Hana coat. It sure looked warm. Very distinctive prints. No luck getting that one 'bama. Her older sister wore it and she has a little sister too.

DH was trying to ask me a question this morning and got a dirty look. I had just struggled to get my support stockings on and was putting my panty hose on and he distracted me so that I put a gigantic hole in a leg. AARRGGHH!!!

Is it time for lunch yet????
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good morning. It's 10:30 here and we just woke up feeling better after a night of puking (dd, not me) and dry heaving. Poor little babe must have eaten something or got a 24 hour bug, who knows? But she's better today. I gave her gingerale and she's loving it. Finally holding something down! What a time to be out of laundry detergent. We'd bath her, I'd change and she'd puke all over me again. There's a big ole pile of stinky laundry in the hall and lots o' sheets to be changed! I hope DH remembers to pick some up!

Bama - I'll keep my eyes open for something for dd. Does she wear a lot of wool in winter? I find that so warm at least as a layer.

Annabelle - the stroller does attach onto a bike. I can even get a cross-country ski attachment or a hiking attachment. I'm not bothering with that this year because I don't think the harnesses'll fit around my gigantor belly!

Pregos - how's everybody doing?
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Hi all - busy here, sorry!
Bama, ....I don't know what I can say except that I wish you guys the best in figuring all this out. :

ugh...and with that, I have more running to do....I will try to get on tonight.
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Originally Posted by hattoo View Post
Pregos - how's everybody doing?
much better now that I had tiramasu for lunch.

how gigantic is your belly?

I'm finding myself more and more limited in what pants I can wear. I'm not ready to wear maternity clothes yet as I've looked through the stash and there is only a few decent shirts for work. I know they will get very boring here shortly. I've been looking at ON, Gap and babystyle. I have a conservative job and so many of those shirts gape down too low for me. I'm not letting the girls out at work. So I struggle to find anything. I did find a few possiblities at babystyle. It's so hard to tell for sure how wild of print they are.
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