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and its officially COLD here!!! brrr our heat is running for the first time this winter!

I miss our prego days...our big belly, i cant sit on my stupid chair for much longer days..

baby kicking your boobs days..
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bama- that is funny b/c the seasons change always makes me feel sentimental too. usually i long for a ciggarette, but this year i want a baby! two years ago at this time......last year at this time.....

the lillie chickens really made me laugh! when i was a kid, we had a store called "super duper" whose sign was an elephant holding up a bag of groceries with its trunk. i remember trying so hard to figure out what it was- it was faded and a little rusty and just not a good representation of an elephant- i had so many ideas of what it "could" be- it was so strange when i finnally saw it as an elephant- i really had to twist my mind to keep it an elephant.

fey- did you get one of those radio flyer push toys for elenia for her birthday? does she still like it? my mother wants to get one for eisa for christmas, but i dont know if she would still have an interest by then.

over and out.
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Yeah, its chilly here today... and our heater isn't coming on. Brrrr... It was barely 60 in here when we woke up. Fine when you're cuddled under the blankets. Not so much when you have to get up and be alive.
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bama you should be getting your coats any day! I sent it through work, I know that it's gone out already, so soon!
Friday the 13th indeed....I went to bed last night with a sore finger out of the blue, today the knuckle is all red and swollen and it's half-numb and won't bend right. NO IDEA what I did to it, but it hurts all the way up to my elbow. I'm hazarding a guess at some sort of tendon/carpal tunnel type thing.
Then, I'm driving through the city and get hit by a freaking Brinks truck...that KEPT GOING. : NOt much damage, lots of big scratches from his GIANT BLUE STEEL BUMBER but nothing major. I'm filing a police report Monday, I guess. Not sure it'll do any good.
Anyway...hope everyone else's day was more uneventful! Oh, and Sam broke her glasses, too. :
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poor emmy..what a day! did you see the truck # on the brinks truck?
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Emmy... any chance you had a tiny hangnail or cut or something on that finger? Pretty rare, but you could have some crazy infection. Just a thought. Weird either way. HOpe it feels better soon.
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Emmy - you've got to wear green on Friday the 13th, it helps your luck out! (Please tell me you weren't wearing green today or my whole believe system will be shot to H-E-double toothpicks). I hope you can bring the Brinks truck down. Maybe Dateline'll do a story on it!

We're actually having pretty good weather here. It's been freezing every night but sunny during the day with no wind. My parents are leaving tomorrow so I hope any snow or inclement weather holds off until they arrive safely at home.

Just wondering about everyone's kiddo's strange quirks or quarks. For instance: Sage is terrified of bubbles. I have given her a few bubble baths because I think it'll be a treat and she just cries and won't sit in the water until I get rid of them. I did this again tonight (just to test the water - pardon the pun) and same thing. She would also scream when I blew bubbles at swimming lessons. Weird. I once knew someone who was terrified of butterflies, but bubbles???
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never known of a baby afraid of bubbles!! She'll outgrow it..
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emmy- what a terrible day! if it is red up your arm along the vein, you should get it checked out now. have you had carpel tunlel before though? and i would def. report the brinks guy- to the company too. maybe they will know who it is by the route.

hatoo- eisa is terrified of the vaccume- i guess she learned from the cat. it is awfully funny and sad- today i just took it out of the closet and the cat flew into the bed room and eisa started really crying hard.

hilger got a kids seat for his bike- it fits on the front instead of the back- real cool. i was too nervous to let him put her on the back, but this looks really fun and safe.

so, i have been enjoying my time with eisa so much this week- more than ever really- but today, i was just out of it- i was so board and unenergetic and just waiting all day for hilger to come home. i even let eisa watch the end of arthur on tv. i have never really let her watch tv. i did though, finnally get a baby book started for her. so, thank goodness it is the weekend. goodnight all,
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it is soooo cold in our house. like 55ish cold. ds gets a space heater but dh and i just freeze. we took ds to the zoo in st.louis today. he is in love wiht the penguins. i'll try and get pictures up tomorrow.

mcs-i have to put ds in the sling to vaccume or he flips out.

emmy- sorry you had a crappy day.

sa-good to hear from you!

famousmb.-liek people said, *nothing* is too personal i was an unlucky soul to get af back 6wks pp even though ebf:

hattoo-ds is afraid of our dog barking outside. he's fine if she barks in the house, or if she barks and he's outside with her, but not if she's barking outside and he's inside. he bursts into tears and runs screaming to the nearest adult.
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Too funny about the bubbles, hattoo!! I mean, poor baby being scared, but it is pretty funny
We are having MeatFest today, we have 25 lbs of meat in the smoker right now, and I'm making some onion focaccia with garlic & olive oil to dip it in, and garlic knots...you know, to help balance out the arterial damage.

Hattoo, would you believe that I was wearing a green striped sweater yesterday? : Oh, and also, as a perfect climax to the day, my mom called last night and told me they had to pur our doggie down. :
She was a 14 year old Shar-pei (Gracie) and had lived a lot longer than they normally do....she had a good life, but we are still very sad. My dad thinks she had a stroke in the middle of the night, as she was not in good shape in the morning. So they took her in, and my dad took her home and buried her under a lilac bush in the front yard (we have like 5 dogs in that yard....).
Oh well, at least we got all the bad stuff out of the way in one day, right?
Sometimes you gotta find the funny.

mcs - sounds like you just had a burned out day! It's okay, we all have them.
Gotta run, my 11:30 piano lesson is here!
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Emmy, what a day! Frickin' Brinks truck :

Danny LOVES the vacuum. He has his own little Dirt Devil and if he is ever in a bad mood or kind of bored I'll say, "Hey, let's vacuum!" He runs to the closet where I keep them, we take them out and he presses the button on his to turn it on and vacuums the hell out of the place -- if only it really worked! But it's nice to have a 100% cure-all for the grumps -- and now I am vacuuming almost every day

He also likes to eat apples -- I hadn't really thought about it 'til he was eating a (dirty) apple in the supermarket (I was desperate because he was so hungry!) and a lady there commented that she had never seen a baby that age eating one like that, with the skin on and everything. Of course, he sees Miles doing it. The thing is, if he wanders away while eating it the whole thing will disappear, core and all.

Who here has left a babe for a night ... or two? I ask because I am mightily tempted to go on a "women's get-away weekend" sponsored by the local YMCA ... it's just 90 bucks to stay in a camp (about 1.5 hours away) for two nights, all meals included, with various seminars and stuff (not to mention a Chocolate Fountain). I would loooooove to go away and maybe finally learn to crochet. Thing is, I was gone all day today at my tax class and Danny (a) ate very little and (b) didn't take a nap at all which he has NEVER done. It might be a very terrible couple of days for dh. Any thoughts? I did leave Miles at this age (for a pre-Iraq peace march in NYC, a lot of frickin' good that did ) and he was fine.
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Mcs - yep we have that wagon, and yep Elaina still uses it! She can pull it backwards now so less turning it around on my part. One of her favorite things to do is to take the sides off (or not!) and climb in and out of it. I think we'll get a few years use out of it, as a toybox if nothing else. We were using it to hold her books but she climbed in there and peed on them so we put up some rain gutter bookshelves. We also have the radio flyer push bike thingy... it has four wheels and handlebars and a seat like a bike... we call it her "quike" She is just now to the point where she can steer it really well. She also likes to stand on the seat!

Emmy - Meatfest again so soon!! Mmmmm. I have a question for you that I have lazily not researched at all, was wondering what you know about getting tattoos while breastfeeding, and if it is recommended or not, etc. I want to get some more work done on mine soon. And sorry about your accident... ugh. Some people.

Fears/quirks - Elaina has some squeaky shoes that really freak her out! And she is afraid of vacuums... which is a bummer as I got a swanky new hand vac recently.

I'm reading along and thinking of everyone.... just so BUSY all the time! Don't have time to post.

My sister took some pics of Elaina and I recently - I only have one uploaded yet, it is very cutehttp://flickr.com/photos/elaina_pearl/267880052/

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
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Fey ~ So cute!!
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awwwwwwwwwwww fey!!

i need to get it together and post some more pics!
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Brace yourselves ladies, it's gonna be a long one.

Very pretty picture Fey. I wish someone in my family had some photography talent.

Just finished putting DS to bed. I put french braids in her hair - very cute. I hope they'll stay in for a while because it'll be hard to get her to sit still for that again! Her hair is getting quite long in front now but I don't want to cut it. I'm leary of barrettes because I heard they'll pull them out and choke on them, so we're experimenting with new do's. Pigtails are great, but not all of her bangs fit in yet.

Meli - Sage eats apples like that too! We discovered it by accident when she picked one off the ground under a friend's tree. She carried it around for a long time and wouldn't let anyone near it. Then, she just took a bite! It's a great way to keep her occupied for a long time. She seems to take smaller bites this way too (as opposed to cutting wedges for her).

We left Sage overnight when she was 3 months old :. Actually, she was sleeping through the night by about 2 months old and would take a bottle at this point in her life. We left her with my in-laws and got back before she woke up so's I could nurse her. I don't know if I'd be as comfortable doing the same thing now but would love to give it a shot because she's going to have to stay somewhere when new babe arrives.

Preg update: I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions. They feel so strange. I never had them with Sage. I'm taking this as an omen that I may actually dilate this time and not need a c-section :

Emmy - I'm going to pretend I didn't read that you were wearing green if that's all right with you.

Sage was scared of the vacuum cleaner in our old place because it was an old, loud central vac. We bought a new vacuum and broke her in with the dirt devil. She's not scared of it anymore unless she's tired or cranky for any other reason, in which case I really shouldn't be vacuuming! The best advice I received to get her accustomed to loud noises (electric mixer, vacuum, etc.) was to count to 3 before doing it and act really excited when the noise happens.

What is everyone reading to their kids these days? I'm looking for some good bedtime stories before Sage gets too sick of the ones we're wearing out right now. She'll sit for longer stories as long as they rhyme or are rhythmic.

Sorry this is so long. I just feel a nice sense of freedom because my parents left this morning so we're guest-free until the end of January! (my dad cried when they left, it was sad because I won't see him again until next July)
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Hey all, only have a second as I need to throw Sticky Skangy baby in the tub before we go apple picking....but wanted to say, Fey - LLLI has said that it is okay to get tattooed while breastfeeding. The only danger is what ANY danger is with a tattoo - hep B, infection...but if you have a good artist that autoclaves everything, that's not an issue. I watch my artist autoclave his gun before every session, and take the needle and individual ink cups out of sterile packages. Now, if I just had some extra money floating around, I'd be getting some work done!
More later...
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hattoo- great idea about counting to three before vaccuming. i have a vaccume extension peice that i let her play with in hopes of getting her excited, but when the real one is turned on (and it is pretty loud) she just freaks out. when she was a little baby, the coffee grinder scared her- so when i turned it on, i would open my mouth reeeeal wide and pretend that it was me screaming. eisa and i loved it, hilger said i was going to screw her up. lol.
did you have thanksgiving with your family? how did the turkey go?

emmy- i'm suprised that you are up and moving after beast feast. how is your arm?

fey- what a perfect picture! well, i guess eisa will get the wagon for christmas. i thought that i would have to ask my mom to buy her a warm coat instead, but a friend just called and said that she had a lands end snowsuit for us! and some other stuff too.

hilger has eisa out all by himself for the second day in a row- unbeleivable and nice.
so, i took another preg. test last night and got another no. i don't know what is going on with me- i am sooo hungry and tired, but when i weighed myself this morning, i found that i have lost five pounds. this is crazy b/c i am eating like a monster.
gtg eisas home
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Hey guys!
Long time no talk!

I miss you all, but I just can't seem to make time to get caught up.:

We're still trying to sell the house, still living with my sister, which is actually going great, and having an all around nice hiatus from real life.

Titus's nights are worse than ever, due to the fact that I'm back to nursing him to sleep in order to "keep the peace" at night in the house with all three kids. Oh well!

Still not pregnant, and pretty surprised by that...

And, I've been playing alot of music lately, now that I guess I'm offically in a band We played a show at a great venue in Seattle on the 13th to a packed house and actually made money Somehow all the right people are hearing our music and liking it : and showing up.

It's nice to have a grown up outlet.

Emmy--Ahhh! I'm alternating between being jealous of your meat fest, and not so jealous of your accident and you finger. I had 3 surgeries for carpal tunnel/ tendonitis, so I feel you pain! I'd get it looked at, early therapy can prevent surgery, and it sounds suspicious to me.

Pregnant moms: How is nursing going, if your'e still nursing? I've been meeting other pregnant moms lately with dc's Titus's age and alot of the kids don't like the mommy milk anymore.

Gotta go!
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Mommy's milk...Dd weaned herself in a week flat when I first got pg with ds...I had no clue what was going on...she j ust didnt like it anymore, and i fo und out a few days later I was pregnant!

She was 13 mos. Way too young, but she was done!

COME BACKKKK and talk to us some more!!!:
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