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bama -- i hope you can find something that works for schuy ... how stressful for your whole family! about a coat for dd... have you looked on ebay? i looked briefly and there seems to be quite a few listed for not bad prices.

yes, i am feeling okay after having a bagel w cream cheese for lunch and chocolate chips for dessert. ugh... actually, i'm getting really tired of not being able to eat properly. i want a salad, dammit... but i can't stomach making or eating it. actually, for me, food preparation is the big problem. if i can make something without touching it too much then i'm usually okay... but preparing food just turns me off of eating it and then i get hungry and the nausea gets worse.

uh oh... dd awake.
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i looked at ebay and saw a couple hannas that would fit...

i'm not really stuck on hanna, we've never even had a hanna anything before, they are just one of the few brands of coat that i found that looked warm enough.

Emmy's gonna look through Sam's old stuff for me....: ..living in boston, i'm sure sam's old coats are warm.

He drank more of the stuff today, and i havent seen any result yet. If he cant drink it, we will have to switch to another type of prescription drink

We dont typically qualify for WIC, but with stuff like this, i've heard that even upper middle class families can qualify for partial assistance. simply bc its so expensive.

thanks for all the hugs and well wishes..i have been extremely sad and stressed the last few days..
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My belly's not nearly as gigantic as it was with Sage but I was 10 - 15 pounds heavier going into that pregnancy and gained very quickly. I've only gained 6 pounds so far and am at 22 weeks. I fit into both maternity pants and non-maternity pants. I find if I wear pre-preg pants, I've got to pair them with a maternity top because they're longer and maternity pants I can get away with some longer pre-preg shirts.

I have absolutely zero energy today. Sage is bouncing back quite nicely from her barf extravaganza last night, but I've had too many nights in a row with not enough sleep. DH came home for lunch and I had about a 30 min nap, which helped. I'm going to try and put monkey down now.

BTW, I've started adding pictures to dropshot, so hopefully soon I'll be able to post some of our nice little family!
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bama-my BIL and SIL were able to get WIC for Amanda becaue she had to have the $$$ neosure formula added to bm. they come no where close to qualifying because they both have decent jobs but Amanda qualifies for "nutritional assistance" since that stuff is so expensive.
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I am so glad to hear that. I will keep that in mind if he can drink it...well, even if he cant. B/c if he cant drink this, he's on to some other mega expensive thing..
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hey all- we're back online! well, sort of, dh can't find some cord for "my" computer, so i can use the laptop during the evening.
bama- so sorry to read about shuey's troubles. i hope he is keeping the stuff down tonight. i went to my favorite consignment shop today and looked for coats, but nothing looked too great in the right size. i bet though that emmy will have the right thing for your skinny bones this winter.
i did, though, buy a lot of really nice books. i am feeling so excited to have some new reading material. i am quoting eisa's books for every situation. "yes eisa, cats do know best how to keep clean- they groom themselves and their kittens...." these are the things rambling on and keeping my mommy brain busy.
melissa- hope you find the right cure. how was your trip to new york? did you meet up with SA?

everyone tell me what else has been going on. i have to go get eisa dressed- she just got out of the tub.
she is such a beauty when she gets out- she loves to run around with her towel on. i think that i just decided to make her a witch for halloween so she can have a towel-like cape. ooops, really have to go
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I exist!

Oooooh boy, well, it's been wild and fun and nutty, living with my sisiter and her family : :

I miss you guys! I'm al least a million threads behind, I've never missed this much chat before But there are too many adults who need computer time here for me to get on much.

Still waiting for the house to sell...

Having fun shopping for new places and neighborhoods right now, but can't buy until our place sells....

I'm still not pregnant, although I'm pretty sure I was pregnant for a short time last cycle Oh well, it was pretty dissapointing for dh and I.

And, Bama, I SENT OFF YOUR PACKAGE TODAY! What a flake I am! I got pictures of the dipe on ds too, and I'll get those off to you. So sorry to hear of your ds's health woes. Praying for you.

Off to Hawaii in the am!
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You rock Grace! Get some sunshine and swim in the ocean for all of us land-locked people!

I puked this morning. I haven't done that in a few weeks. Now I feel better.

Claire's awake. Must go get her.
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bama, i'm probably going to be checking out a thrift store this afternoon... i'll keep my eye open for a coat for dd.

i'm at my mil's... so that's it for now.
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thanks selena! Emmy is going to dig through sammy's old coats and find something for dd!

i appreciate the offers guys! i was so worried, but now i feel like we're ok!
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hi bama... the only coat i saw was from the Gap and it was a lilac colour with down filling. I didn't think it was a great price though (though the same coat with snowpants in a smaller size was a good enough deal I thought, so I got that one for Istra). So it was $30 Canadian (around $20 US?) Probably there's something out there for cheaper if Emmy doesn't find anything for you. It was a cute coat though.
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thanks guys for all the thoughts and kind words! i am feeling more peaceful about the situation...

thanks about the coats...i am all set now.

And ds didnt drink near as much of the peptamen as he should have today..its so heavy with calories, he doesnt want to eat anything else. He needs to drink it in ADDITION to his regular food, not instead of his regular food.
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Oh bama! Give him a little more time to adjust to it. Maybe try offering his favorite things at meal times and the petamen in between. Poor guy. He probably doesn't have that big of tummy so he can't hold that much food.
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hello (echoooo, echooo, echooo) where is everybody?

we just got home from a wonderful day. a friend watched eisa while hilger and i had a sauna and massage for our anniversary. it was her first time since last years aniversary which was a disaster. but today- she did great! our friend just swept her into the car (we let her sit front facing to make it more fun)and started talking away while we said our goodbyes. eisa was smiling ear to ear and blowing kisses when they pulled out and, stayed that way for the whole time. she called three times just to tell us that eisa was doing well and we reeeelaxed. and to make it even better, she made us dinner.
she has two energetic kids so dinner did not fall into the relaxing mode of the day, but still- she made us dinner. very nice.

yesterday, i got to meet the baby my friend just adopted. she will be one year next week and is very very adorable. she is really small and i would say a little behind devolopmentaly, but she is just so sweet and beautiful and you can see that she will catch up soon. the only bad thing is that she is letting her cio and i feel like that is so sad- really sad for all kids, but even more for those who really know what abadonment means. i know that she doesn't feel good about it because she told me that "every one is telling her she has to do it" even her ped! i said, "not me! i am not telling you to do it....." but i think that in a way, she even likes the part of her that has to feel bad about doing it- like a real intoduction into motherhoods guilt or something. oh society! what is wrong with you?

so that is it- eisa is worn out from the long day of playing so i should get her into bed.

happy that you are feeling better aobut the situation bama. makes me feel better too.
sleep well,
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ack. school is so busy it's rediculous. there's just no way to catch up. however...if my financial aid doesn't clear soon, i'll be here much more often as we cannot afford daycare. it was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago and still nothing. so, i will hopefully get the teachers to let me do independent study until dh's bonus clears...at the END of OCTOBER. we're screwed. i have to put ds's milk on a credit card. send us good vibes and prayers:
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oy anne..i can relate..

Did I tell y'all that our neighbor had our mail??

For a MONTH.

We had no idea...we were wondering where some bills were...well, they were sitting in her mailbox. For a MONTH!!!

So by the time we got them, last thursday, our electricity was 2 weeks late, and about to be shut off.....our Dell computer bill was late....

and our visa was late....

i spent the whole freaking evening on the phone talking to companies , asking them to please please take off the late charges, finance charges, etc.

So...we paid those late bills last Fri morning.

And guess what? TheNEW bills came today!! So we paid the same bills, 3 days apart.

So we're broke too! Ugh. Totally suckola. We will be using our credit card to pay for Ds's special food stuff.:
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i forgot to mention...
ds had his WBV today. 22lbs and still in the 15th percentile (he gained less than a pound from his 12mth) and 32.5 inches tall!!! monster baby here is in the 80th for his length. no wonder i have to sew tucks into all his pants to hold them up because he needs to wear 24mth-2T stuff so that it's long enough but it always falls down
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i'm around. just reading tho--i need to get a week ahead on homework, which is a heck of a task. we're going on thursday to lima for luis's dad's visa interview, and only staying like 5 days. i know i won't get homework done there so i am trying to do it all in advance because i can't afford to fall behind.
mcs you are great
what else? luis is so smart, i am impressed. we taught him to cover his mouth when he coughs. and he remembers it!
daycare- don't ask. he's been there 4 weeks and still.not.adjusted.at.all...my school is paying for all of it, which is so key.
gotta go back to homework. i'll be back more fully next week--i've banned myself from doing any activity apart from preparing for the trip and homework.
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Uh, mcs - what a bummer that the new mama is doing CIO...I hope the circumstances of the adoption aren't such that the baby already has abandonment issues (it sounded like there may be from your post), but jeez...:

I don't get that....whether it be an adopted baby or your own, you wait so long to have this baby, and then whammo....stick them in a room and leave them alone to cry themselves to sleep. It's just infuriating to me.

But it sounds like you guys had a wonderful anniversary! The sauna and massage sound excellent...I think we are just doing dinner this year (Sunday). We might take the kids apple picking that day, too.

Hope all the schooling mamas can get a break!

bama, sending more hugs....be patient, his little tummy probably needs to expand so he's comfortable eating more.

I'm off to the children's museum for a little bit to let Pooka bounce off the walls.
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geez..CIO on an adopted baby. How awful.

and knock on wood.......he is tolerating the medical food!! : He really is!! When he throws up, its just bcause he throws up all the time anyway..not because of the P Jr. I am so stoked. Seriously. Now I gotta call the pharmacy and order a case of the stuff...

mamita....what a big week ahead of you. And how smart of Luis!

Nanner....are you reading along?? We miss you!
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