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Need help with new ERGO carrier

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My ds is a small 6 mo. and I just got the ERGO carrier. I've used it a few times and the front position works great when he's asleep, but I find he gets frustrated in that position if he's awake because he wants to be looking around. He used to sit in a Maya ring sling all the time and lately it has been in the front-facing position. He LOVES to check out everything. SO...what I'm asking is if anyone has had that experience. Should I try him in the back position? He's a little guy...only about 13lbs or so. I tried the side position today and I don't think I had it done correctly and he got a bit frustrated there, too.
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I think a baby does okay being worn on the back once he is able to or close to being able to sit up alone. Also, it's probably not strictly by-the-rules, but I found that if I put a folded blanket or two in the carrier to boost her up, I could sit DD up in it with her legs crossed and facing outward. Not something you'd see on the Ergo website, but it worked and she seemed snug enough.
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You could try your Ergo in a front facing carry. On TBW, a mama did it with her 10 month old and posted some pics: http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/s...ght=ergo+front
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Oh, that looks cool!
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