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feeling weepy?

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This, I think, is my first official pregnancy symptom. I can't read or think of anything without getting all weepy. I feel like a ball of mush. Isn't it a bit early for all this?
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Nope, not too early here ( I'll be five weeks on Tues.). I get weepy about movies, friends living too far away, my dad not being here for his second grandbaby...I mean I make up thoughts just to get weepy over them! Like I know it will make me sad to think of my dad, but I do it anyway!

I even got weepy over E.R. the other night. Sheesh, I'm one unstable pregnant lady!
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i almost starting crying just reading about you crying about your dad not being there...
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I'm not so much weepy as I am grumpy/moody. I am mostly my normal self until things get stressful. The girls fighting constantly while dh is out of town is pushing me over the edge. I'm sure weepy is around the corner for me, I've had those moments in both of my previous pregnancies. I can remember crying over the oddest things
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I cry all the time now. This started probably around 5 weeks for me.
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My dad is dead too and that one ALWAYS gets me going- IKWYM by think about him just to get all teary. My poor husband is going to have to deal with my crying at every commercial and tv program I watch.
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Yup...if I'm not crabbing about something, I'm crying about it. My poor dh!
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Originally Posted by MonkeyPrincess
Yup...if I'm not crabbing about something, I'm crying about it. My poor dh!
I am the same way. Stuff that would normally just make me mad is making me weepy too.
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I cry about everything...LOL And I don't handle stress too well either.
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I just got hit with this for the first time a few hours ago- here on MDC. I went to look at the MDC co-ops for the first time (slings & prefolds) and couldn't figure out what I might want. I felt overwhelmed and started crying. I just felt so pathetic.
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Broke down and started crying in the grocery store yesterday. :
DH gives me a big hug, which of course makes me cry harder...and then it was over and I felt better...
Only in pregnancy.....
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I feel you, girl.

I'm weepy at everything. *Everything*. You KNOW you're pregnant when Law & Order makes you want to cry. *sigh*
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