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Ds asked to sleep in his big boy bed tonight(35 months).

I said " o.k. help me get it out of your closet and put it in the bedroom...."

"no Mamma, I wanna sleep in room with toys(his playroom)."

me: "but you won't be by mamma all night?...are you sure you do not wanna just sleep in the mamma-poppa-baby bed?"

him: "No mamma, here, in room with toys, on my big boy bed..."

so ther we laid down he nursed for a millasecond and is out sawing logs in his big boy bed, in his play room.....

Amazing..will it last?
Probably not...but wow....whatta weird feeling this is...will be if he goes all night there...I won't be able to sleep!!! LOL
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I personally really like the idea of co-sleeping, but guess what, I had those wierd little babies, that didn't! They only seemed happy in their own beds, although we had originally intended them only for naps. Now that they are big girls they STILL won't sleep with me. (BOO HOO). DD age 8 had surgery recently and the first night home from the hospital, I suggested that she sleep with us. She said Ok and enjoyed being in bed with us for about 1/2 an hour and then she said "Sorry mama, I want to sleep in my bed." Oh well, at least sometimes they come to my bed during a big thunderstorm.
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Thank you so much for your post. You made me cry....
All I can say is thank you I have no words to express how you made me feel.....

Awww....Isn't it so hard to be without our little ones at night...lol..maybe co-sleeping is really for the mother's benefit....lol..j/k......
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