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Newbie TTC #2

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Just wanted to do a quick introduction and meet everyone else over here

My name is Kate. I am a graphic designer/journalist/marketing grrl living in Sicily with my husband and son Hunter who is 18-months-old. DH is an IT and a wonderful guy. Hunter is the light of our lights of course. We were living in Tokyo before (where Hunter was born). Now we are living slow old-country life... very different!

We are currently TTC #2 but I haven't ovulated since October. My period is very irregular. Hoping to get a period sometime soon with ovulation. Anyway else TTC with extremely irregular cycles? Any input would be great.

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Hi Kate, welcome to TTC.

We have a lot in common! Our sons are both the same age, our husbands are in the same industry and consequently we are neither of us living in the country of our births. Sicily & the slow old country life sounds brilliant. do you speak Italian?

Good luck ttc. Hope you catch that egg!
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Hi Kate. And welcome to this great adventure. I recently decided to "take a break" from ttc for a few months. It is pole vaulting season and I am training for that. Plus, the stress of wondering every month was getting to me.:

I wish you great luck in your endeavor and hope that you will be expecting a new bundle of joy very shortly.

BTW, my name is Cheryl
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You're definitely not the only one here w/irregular cycles! Check out some of the other threads....

Good luck!
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