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Augmentation and blood in colostrum

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Hi everyone, don't know if anyone can help, but thought I'd give it a shot.

1st off to let you know I had breast augmentation in 1997 via a 'smiley' cut directly on/under my areola. I thought I was done having children, so didn't think twice about it. The plastic surgeon was contacted during this pregnancy and said the surgery shouldn't inhibit breastfeeding.

I am currently 37w4days preggers.

I was diagnosed with cholestasis last week and my MW & I are working to get things 'going' before I have to face a chemical induction this week. Part of what I chose to do to get the contractions going is nipple stimulation in the form of hand expression. It's been awhile (16 years) since I've attempted this and I think I man-handled my right nipple too hard and blood began coming out. I got dizzy it made me sick to see blood vs colostrum coming out of my nipple. My nipples are not cracked or sore as I don't have the babe yet. So I figured I injured it by grabbing it inappropriately and looked up how to stimulate in the correct manner.

Since then I have been very gentle with the nipples and yet the blood still comes out of the right nipple. There is no pain, just the tenderness associated with being pregnant. This particular nipple is one the surgeon had to go into twice because I had a nasty hematoma he had to drain later that evening.

Anyone ever experience blood coming from your nipple via pumping or expression AND did it go away? OR did anyone have difficulty nursing due to having had the augmentation I described?

TIA for any advice you can give.
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I am guessing that your nipple will eventually heal... I don't know anything about breast augmentation but since you are making colostrum on that side, you've got connections in there anyway! Since the injury is inside the breast, it's moist in there and it probably doesn't take much to make it bleed a little again. Hopefully in the next few days it will stop.

I am sure it is possible to injure your breast with a pump as well, I haven't done it, I'd guess it would hurt like crazy long before you could hurt yourself. Are you going to use a hospital grade pump to try to stimulate labor?

I hope it all goes well and that soon your baby is in your arms!!
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I don't know much about the augmentation thing, but here is an old post of mine...I had bloody colostrum too!


Since I began breastfeeding I have not noticed any blood.

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Thank you for the replies ladies.

I hope after my milk comes in it will subside. It looks to be a good deal of blood mixed with the colostrum. I won't have my baby drink that much blood-I wouldn't.

So I am resolving to BF at least with one boob and hope the other isn't broken too much and will resolve itself after the real milk comes in.
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I had the same thing- minus the implant. My OB did some research, and found that bloody colustrum is normal during pregnancy. Not to scare you, but it can also be a sign of breast cancer. I haven't had any bleeding since DD was born, so we both decided that it was nothing to worry about.
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I didn't have augmentation, but I had bloody colostrum for a long time while preg. toward the very end it stopped having blood and everything was fine
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Thank you Shellybelly & momtoNatalee...
After I read what Shellybelly wrote I did a search for bloody colostrum and indeed, while pregnant it is very common and then when the milk comes it turns into sweet mama's milk most of the time. Here's hoping that is my case
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