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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post
Tragically, I missed the last episode of last season. : So I am beyond excited to see the whole thing. Yes, I watched the clips on abc.com, and no, it was not the same. Yes, I have heard recaps from any number of sources, and no, that is not good enough!

Thank heavens dh bought Clapton tickets for *tonight* and not *tomorrow* because I'd miss the old one and the new one!
Just to make sure, you're set to record last season's 2-hour finale *tonight*, right?

This season's premiere is airing tomorrow night.

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"Callie" was on The View today as a guest co-host and did a great job - i like her a lot and hope she sticks around this season
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I'm just sitting here and listening to "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. Love the song! I want to borrow the first season from my mom (she has the DVD) because I never saw the very first episode, and Shondra made mention of it in the blog, in regards to tomorrow night's episode.
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OK, somebody help me get un-confused here.

Tomorrow (Thursday Sept 21) is the start of the third season, at 9pm (8 central). And that episode is called "Time Has Come Today".

But the listings for my cable company show that at 8pm (7 central) there is a Grey's Anatomy entitled "Complications of the Heart". This title is not listed as an episode on Season 1 or Season 2, and my cable company is showing that it is "New" and not "Repeat".

So, what gives? What is this mystery episode that is not the new season premier, but it's not a repeat?
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I think it is one of those - "catch up" shows. You know the ones that recap the whole situation so far.
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Someone please let me know if tonights show is a recap or not. I really need to not show this show as I've been up since 2 am and really need to go to bed with the kids. Please tell me its just a recap!!
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wondering the same thing...anyone, it's a recap, right???
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Tonight (Thurs) there is a recap and then the new episode follows it.
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Is it on at the same time as Survivor? Anyone know.... The new episode not the recap..
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The recap ("mystery episode" as I called it earlier) is on at 8, 7 central.

The start of the new season is at 9, 8 central. Tonight!
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I really like the show but I can't stand Merideth. That scene with her and McScumbag err... McDreamy had me gagging. I guess they really do belong together.

I understand her being "flawed" but like my DH wanted to know last night - what exactly is the attraction for all these guys??

I love the vet, and I also like McSteamy so I'm looking forward to him coming back. And I really like Addison. My favorite character though is Miranda Bailey - she cracks me up.
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I love this show and love the music! I wish I could get DH to watch with me so I could talk to him about it, but he says it is too much of a drama.

I really like Addison and would like to see them stay together. Medical relationships are notorious for cheating and divorce.....and it would be nice to see them get over the hurdle. You never see that in TV....you just see people break up but its interesting to see how reconcilation can be handled.

LOVE Miranda! Its great watching everyone grow as doctors and I hope they continue to have a fair amount of medical challenges and it doens't just become about the cast interacting with each other.

with smile and looking forward to tonight!
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I wish DH would watch too. HE thinks its too much drama as well. He does watch ER with me though. Thank heavens they don't interfere with eachother. , that would be a real mess
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Love this show!! We just finished season 2 last night. (Yes, dh watches it with me. We both love it.) : I rented the season 1 dvd on a whim this summer and we got totally hooked, then we had to watch ALL of season two in a week, since it was just released last Tuesday. I can't wait for tonight, but I'm bummed because we have horrible reception. I want cable just so the channels will come in crystal clear.

I am so torn about McDreamy, because I like Meredith and Addison, but the dissolution of a marriage always makes me . I know she cheated first, but....can't wait for tonight!!
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I came here looking for a Greys Thread....
I found it... !!!

This is my ultimate FAVORITE TV SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a mer/der fan.
I fell in love with them first season.
Now there is no going back.
I like Addy though.... And I'd love to see Mark come back and sweep her off of her feet.
My heart breaks for Izzie, Denny dying was so unfair, but Shonda said that it was gunna happen from the moment that denny came thru those hospital doors, so we'll wait and see what happens.
George and Callie, they are awesome. I think he was too hard on her after they had sex. Every one was so angry with her... except alex. but I'm glad that he's over it...
Alex, he's an ass. but he's written that way, and its just the way he is. I like him !!
Christina and Burke... She is great, Sandra is a great actress, and her character is so lovable. burke is too. He's much different than the first episode, yet still exactly the same.
Bailey is fricken AWESOME. She loved how she refused pain meds but was mad when addy made a smart ass comment !!!
mcDreamy...He's MINE. He's so charming. and He's a good guy, he's working on his marriage so that he can say he gave it his all.... Unfortunately he cheated on addy.... For months he cheated in his heart and finially It's become physical... Derrick and Meridith LOVE each other, and that will triumph over all !!!

My favorite Greys Anatomy scene was the "You don't get to call me a Whore" scene in the stair well..... It was nice seeing Meridith stand up for herself....

I can't wait for tonight !!!!!!!!!
6 hours 21 minutes until the season premiere....
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I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited!! DH and I are actually post-poning on watching a rented movie until tomorrow so we can watch Grey's tonight.
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Soooooo torn...who would I rather watch in reruns. CSI or Grey's. At least they don't have me choosing between CSI, Grey's and Law and Order (original recipe).
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Looking forward to it!

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Greys is my favorite show.

I must be to a meeting tonight, but I'll be back for the second (true new material,) hour, I can't wait (swoon-swoon-swoon.)
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For anyone who misses it tonight, the season premier repeats tomorrow, Friday, at 8, 7central.
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