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Baby Clothing Size Chart

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Hello, I am in desperate need of a measurement chart for babies/toddlers.


3 mo. chest = x" waist = x" length = x"

something like that....

I am making baby dresses, tunics, panties and pants. I make my own patterns, but can't grade them without this info...

guidance, anyone???

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anyone? please?

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This is an informal method, but for my baby clothing business, I went to thrift stores and yard sales and bought representative garments in the various sizes, and I use them as a standard. I chose pants, for example, in similar fabric (woven versus knit) in 3 or 4 sizes, with as simple a pattern as I could find (no ruffles or pockets). I tried to stick to major brands, figuring this is what customers expect in sizing. I also bought rompers, dresses, and shirts, for a total fo 15-20 items. These samples have lasted me for years, as I always refer back to them when designing something new, so my sizing is consistant.

Good luck!!
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That's a great idea! Thanks!

I do know of one brand whose sizing I really like, maybe I'll just sneak in with a measuring tape and pretend I'm looking for a gift!

Thanks for the great tip.
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it doesn't show for little babies, but I find this chart to be pretty helpful. What I'd like to find is something that gives all kinds of measurements.. like from waist to knee etc.. So far when I make things, I basically just compare it to clothing my children have. But a chart wuld be great for when they are older and I would still like to make little things. We often forget how little or big babies really are when we aren't around them all the time Just the other day I thought I was going to mark a dress a 2T but when I pulled out a few of my dd's size 2T dresses (she's in a 4/5 now).. they were SO little! *LOL*.. so the dress got marked a 3/4 instead. I think that an eyeball comparison has a real advantage sometimes.
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