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am I in labor???

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I'll be 37 weeks on Weds - Here's what's happening: My dd had a stomach bug last Weds, she vomited once in the evening, no other symptoms & then it passed. I caught this virus Friday night, vomited all day Sat - really violently, couldn't even hold down water. Sunday I spent getting my strength back & eating a little. Here's the labor question... Sat. & Sunday, all night, I had painful cramping very low in my pelvis - they seemed only to occur when I would lie down, then stop when I sat up. Today, they came & went earlier in the morning... now that it's 6:30pm, they are intense again. But still low in my pelvis. If they are contractions, they would include my entire belly, right? I can't seem to remember from my last birth. I left a message at my birth center, but didn't get a call back. I have the midwives personal pager # if things get even more intense. It's still early, not due until Oct 11 - but this is second baby, so maybe coming early? I have an appt. at the bc tomorrow, but I'm wondering if tonight will be the night! Was that vomiting actually labor related? I was just reading the post about calcium/magnesium & BH contractions - should I try this? Wow, I feel so unprepared for an early birth!:
My midwife just called... she said I'm probably in prelabor. Trying not to panic... the only thing that concerns me is how fast this might all transpire, being the second time. Hope I can get through the night...
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If you were in real labor the contractions would continue no matter what your position.Vomiting is a sign of transition but not the onset of labor.I'm thinking you stressed some abdominal muscles while you were sick.
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Originally Posted by Ravenmoon View Post
If you were in real labor the contractions would continue no matter what your position.Vomiting is a sign of transition but not the onset of labor.I'm thinking you stressed some abdominal muscles while you were sick.
Actually, these cramps are happening in any position this evening, the midwife asked me to feel my uterus while the cramps where happening to see if I'm hardening during the cramps, & I am - I wasn't paying attention to that before. With my dd, after an afternoon of prelabor cramping, I was off to the hospital that evening. Guess I should be ready for anything starting tonight.
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Wow! Keep us posted mama! It could just be residual yuckiness from the weekend, but it certainly sounds like prelabor. Best of luck to you.
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Isn't the definition of contraction, be it BH or real, that your uterus hardens?

My uterus always gets hard with my BH contractions. I've been having them 20 minutes apart for a week now...
Go drink 2-8oz glasses of water and then have a bath and lay down for 20 minutes, see if they change at all.
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It could be that you are a bit dehydrated?!?! I agree with Babs. Go grab some water and enjoy a bath!
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I can soooooooo identify!! We all got the Norwalk....aka: stomach flu, last week. Every tummy/intestinal thing I get induce contractions....not BH, contractions. This type of illness at this stage can deffinantly irritate your uterus and start labor. (same thing happened last pregnancy when I got food poisining at 7 months) The main thing is to try and deal with your symptoms. Try to drink water, as much as you can. If your having a hard time staying hydrated try drinking an electrolyte drink of lemon juice, honey, a dash of sea salt and pure water. you can drink it warm like tea or cold, which ever is easier for you to handle. Try taking Activated charcoal....yes, charcoal. It will help to clean out your system and take any nastyness with when it leaves. You can take 2 every 2 hours(they come in capsules at the health food store)...with a full glass of water (even if you have to sip it till its gone)

I have had major contractions on and off since I got sick last week and have dialated to 4 cm. Dh and I have had all the brithing gear out and ready after hours of regular contractiond that get stronger and closer regardless of position only to have them stop when I fall to sleep. I'm hoping that I can completly heal before the baby comes. Right now I still feel ill when I eat, even worse when I don't, I lost 4lbs last week, which bugs me since I've only gained-now 24lbs.

Try to stay positive and focus on getting well. I understand, there is not a lot worse then having the stomach flu at 9 months!! Allow yourself to do nothing...my DH is on full duty right now...he come home from work and takes over: I usually have at least 1 batha day, which I stay in for up to 2 hours. When I get comfy I try not to move and I've been going to bed at the same time as the kids....sleep is sacred!!!

I hope you are feeling better soon!! Try to stay hydrated....I have to remind myself of this too (*sips water*)

Sending you healing prayers!
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wow, Unitytree, you've got it much worse than I did, and now 4 cm! I'm over the stomach flu now - the BH contractions tapered way down to just 1 today, none last night, thank goodness. I just returned from the midwife & she agreed with you all - dehydration can start contractions, my uterus was irritated by that. I'm not dilated yet, a least on the outer part of my cervix (she said it's a cone shape with second pregnancies?) But she did discover a yeast infection. I haven't had one of those since college! Anyone know the best natural approach - what works best & how to apply? I have apple cider vinegar & plain yogurt to try, but how does one use it? (this particular midwife didn't know exact preparation.) Anyway, relieved that baby is staying put for now - technically I have to be 37 weeks to birth at this birth center, which is tomorrow. phew!
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I was having fairly mild ctx all day today, but nothing worth timing or anything. I remember having 'prelabor' ctx with my second child for about two weeks before she finally came... since I was induced for PROM before ending up c/s with my first, I really didn't know anything about a non-pitocin-induced ctx so there were four or five times that I was timing the ctx and they'd stay regular and last 30-45 secs, sometimes longer, for an hour or two and then just quit.

This time I'm just figuring that I won't bother worrying about 'em til they get strong enough to make me stop what I'm doing or they take my breath away!

Try here for some good info on yeastie beasties and other vag infex:
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Stomach bugs are notorious for causing regular contractions.

Definitely agree with those that say you need to rehydrate yourself.

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