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what's your dream/ideal situation

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If you could do/have what you really wanted.. what would it be?

I would work half-time for a decent wage and still have my benefits.. OR

I would work fulltime somewhere I could bring ds and spend time with him on breaks.. where parents shared cooperative childcare responsibilities so we would be working/raising kids together.
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Ash...right now i have a somewhat "ideal" situation. i work weekends only, home m-f. i work 7a-7p on those weekends. this works well, because 2 of my kids are school age, and i dont have to do the running around, worrying.

however, my ideal thing would be to take my youngest (he's 4) to work with me to an onsite daycare.....one that is reasonable (i dont expect my employer to pay, because not all employees have kids). this would enable me to work a day or two during the week, and have the occasional weekend off....which would be nice!!
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honestly? being financially stable enough to not have to work to pay the bills. beyond that.... maybe 2 short mornings a week. i love what i do, but i long to be home with ds.
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This is my ideal situation: teach one Kindergarten class (we have half-day Kindergartens in my state). I would only be gone about 4 hours a day and then I could be home the rest of the time. Insurance would take a little more out of our paycheck than it already does (we get coverage by percentage--you work full time you get 90% premium paid, if I am at 50%, it would probably be like 40% coverage) but it would be something and though I couldn't do it for forever, it would be nice until the little ones are able to be with me at school when they start Kindergarten......it is my ideal, and if everything works out it may come true in the sorta distant future (fall of 2004)......we will see.
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I'd like to win the lottery, then I could work when I felt like it, and do the job I wanted to do.......

If that doesn't happen, I'd like to work part time, I think my son gets a lot out of day care. But with a little one on the way, I'd really really like to spend more than 8 weeks after birth with *her* (:LOL).

But we need the money, we might not need it in 8 months but right now I can't see a way to get past that.

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