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Sorry I haven't had a chance to read all the replies but I'll just share my own experiences being on the daughter end.

I started at my moon at age 11, and my Mom had a number of friends whom I was very close to and they let me know they wanted to have a celebration for me. I was excited but nervous, very open to the idea. The one big obstacle to the entire thing is that they left it up to me to tell them what I wanted.

Honestly, I didn't have the words to really talk a rite of passage ceremony. None of my friends had a celebration and though I had certainly been to various ceremonies as a child, I wasn't really capable of giving them what they were asking me for--direction. They wanted me to be involved, but by giving me such freedom and choice, I had no place to begin, felt overwhealmed and it sort of collapsed.

They took my silence as disinterest when in fact I desperately wanted this, but needed them to begin with setting the space for a discussion, offering ideas and giving me sound boundaries or ideas to begin dreaming with. The final creation did involve my input but was based on my own narrow ideas so it was a small intimate party. It was surely a nice celebration, but very much stripped of the emotion, spirtuality, and power of a real ceremony. It did not really function as a rite of passage ceremony, kwim? This is one of the very few regrets in my life, that such potential with such willingness on all sides, went unmet.