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Originally Posted by Lara vanÆsir View Post
If you desire to work against this in some way, you might want to look into donating time or money to organisations like amnesty international. Many people aren't even aware FGM exists, so even just mentioning it sometime will do a lot of good.
As much as I abhor all forms of FGC, I feel like I can't in good faith support organizations like Amnesty International that preach against FGC but turn a blind eye to MGC on the basis of "respect for parental choice/religion" etc. It is so totally hypocritical for these national/international organizations to turn a blind eye to male genital mutilation while inveighing against female genital mutilation.
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Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post

It always never seemed quite 'real' to me, in the sense that mgm was... I mean, not that I didn't believe something so horrific was done, but... it's like seeing video of an actual circ; you can't believe just HOW horrible until you see it.
When I was a kid (11-13, iirc), I was watching some national geographic show on fgm. It gave me nightmares - they were holding this little girl that was maybe 7 or 8 down, each leg held by a person...the way her whole body involunatarily spasmed when they cut into her clitoris sent chills down my spine that I remember to this day. I remember, at that age, thinking that I knew how it felt to put direct pressure on that particular spot : (ie: PAINFUL!) and doing the math on how that must feel to her...it really cemented itself in my psyche. Maybe explains why I feel so strongly about MGM.

And Quirky, I agree wholeheartedly, I can't support Amnesty International for this very reason.

edit...I know I'm serial posting, but I'm at the Amnesty site right now reading about FGM....some of the quotes:

"Of course I shall have them circumcised exactly as their parents, grandparents and sisters were circumcised. This is our custom."

"Circumcision makes women clean, promotes virginity and chastity and guards young girls from sexual frustration by deadening their sexual appetite."

Many people in FGM-practising societies, especially traditional rural communities, regard FGM as so normal that they cannot imagine a woman who has not undergone mutilation. Others are quoted as saying that only outsiders or foreigners are not genitally mutilated.

Clinical considerations and the majority of studies on women's enjoyment of sex suggest that genital mutilation does impair a women's enjoyment. However, one study found that 90% of the infibulated women interviewed reported experiencing orgasm.2 The mechanisms involved in sexual enjoyment and orgasm are still not fully understood, but it is thought that compensatory processes, some of them psychological, may mitigate some of the effects of removal of the clitoris and other sensitive parts of the genitals.

I mean, seriously? How can you NOT see the correlation between this and MGM?
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