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After having a horrible pain for about 3 weeks, I finally talked to someone in LLLI who suggested Reynaud's. However, my ob had never heard of it (even though I found an article in the Sept. ACOG journal!) and I'm really really depressed because I know my supply is diminishing fast. I know that the nifedipine can really help and that studies have shown little passes to the baby, and right now I'm so worried about the amount of supplement I have to give her because it's so painful. Should I switch obs to someone who's heard of the problem to be able to give me a proper diagnosis? I'm just at my wit's end with this because I feel like I'm about to have to give up breastfeeding, and my dd is only 11 weeks! Yes, it's THAT painful, and I know and can tolerate pain well from other medical experiences. If anyone knows of any other remedies for this I would be happy to try them. I've done hot rice packs after and before feedings, calcium supplements, and even sasparilla, all of which did little or nothing. Any help anyone could offer would be wonderful.