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I was exclusivly BFed for 6 weeks, then mom started me on thin rice cereal mixed with breastmilk before bed. At 3 months mom started me on jarred baby food. At 11 months, mom went for her first evening out, when she came back I refused to nurse. She tried for several days until her milk dried up. I guess I was p'od that my mom went out! I never had a bottle. That night she went out she did leave a bottle of EBM for me but I refused it. So at 11 months I was started on WCM from a regular cup. I was born October 1978. I have mild lactose intolerance and moderate IBS.

My brother was fed the same way, except mother weaned him at 15 months when he had diarrhea. Her ped told her no more breastmilk and the diarrhea would go away. And the diarrhea suprisingly did go away. It was not difficult to wean him, since he was only nursed to sleep at night at that point. Brother was born in June 1976.

Dh was bf'd, but I don't know for how long. He was a blender baby. He was born April 1975
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My mom recalls that her mother breastfed and was ashamed because nursing was then looked down on -- all the wealthier moms used formula, which was, I think, relatively new then. My mom ff my sister and I (1970 and 1972) because the doctor told her formula was superior. She was young and didn't know better and she knew about my grandmother's experience. In any case, she herself got sneered at and criticized for formula feeding because the pendulum had started to swing back, and all the wealthier moms were 'going natural'. She still has a lot of sadness about this, both that she was misinformed by her doctor, and treated badly by women who were better educated and more informed. I think the best thing we can do wrt breastfeeding and childrearing in general is to be both informative, supportive, and most of all KIND when we talk to and about each other.
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I was FF. Don't know what brand. And she just recently told me at about 3 months old she started giving me liquified baby food through my bottle. That made me sad. She said it was "to get you used to food when you couldn't handle a spoon." I was like "If I can't eat off a spoon, isn't it obvious I shouldn't be eating anything?" She didn't seem to think it was wierd. And I was a preemie and my mom didn't even visit me in the hospital much less ump BM . My dad visited me though. And now that I think about it at 3 months old my adjusted age was 1.5 months old!!! So I was getting babyfood at adjusted age of 1.5 months old! That's depressing. I guess they didn't care about "adjusted age" in the 70's.
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I was a preemie - 2lbs 14oz and in the hospital. My mom told me she pumped in the beginning so I did get some of her milk. I probably got formula in the hospital too, not sure though. Then when I went home after 3wks (I was really healthy so went home pretty fast, but was the 2nd to smallest baby to ever go home.) It was too difficult for my mom to BF due to me being so small so she formula fed me, I think a special preemie formula. That was in 1982. In 1983 my brother was BF for 3mos but then my mom was just done with it. She was tired of being engorged all the time. I told her that is the time when your milk usually levels off even more. He got bottles too when she was working, not sure if it was breastmilk or formula, but probably formula. Then she only BF my other brother in 1987 for 6 weeks, until she went back to work.

Not sure when I got solids...I'll have to ask. Being so small, I was pretty behind developmentally...I couldn't even hold my head up by myself until 6mos!

Oh, in lieu of what a pp said, my mom was in the hospital with me all the time. They only had 1 car so my DAd would take her to the hospital, go to work, then pick her up afterward. So she was there all day. And they did everything they could for me to even changing all my diapers instead of the nurses doing it. They were a great example for me for when my DS was in the NICU his first week of life.

I have gastrointestinal issues...issues that Drs can't even figure out what's wrong! It's pretty disturbing.

I know someone that is currently 21 and she was exclusively fed whole cow's milk from day 1!!! And her nephew (now 2) was also fed whole cow's milk at a really early age. And that was just 2 yrs ago! Yikes!
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my mom breastfed me and my twin sister exclusively for 7 months and then her doctor told her to wean us because she was losing too much weight. we started solids then and were given formula. all baby food was freshly made.
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Formula. Though when my mom says it she gives the brand name, like it's special or something!
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My sister (born in 77) was B-fed until she was 15 onths old when she got sick and could not suck my mother weaned her

I (born in 83) was B-fed and a premi in the NICU for about a month my mother pumped and brought the milk in thinking that they would give it to me and no one told her they were throwing it out!!!!!!!! She was mad because she could have frozen it she said well can I donate it then they told her no!!!!!! (She said she had so much milk that she could have fed 8 babies) She always planned on B-feeding she always thought that it was important she smelled the formula that my aunt gave her babies and thought WOW how can you give that to your children willingly and she said something with an expairation date should not be given to tiny babies with tiny tummys. and that it is important for bonding and health that is what they were made for! Ohh she nursed me for about 16 months I think I kept biteing her and makeing her bleed she tried everything to stop me but i wouldn't I thought it was so funny she said she would have kept nurseing me if I didn't do that.

My mother tried to get my sister to nurse her first but she did not want to. Then she got her to try with my youngest nephew but she has inverted nipples and he could not even latch on to a bottle much less her but she stuck it out for a month and pumped for another month she was bleeding and scabbed up all over her breast I felt so terrible esp. since Ds latched on asap and nursed like a champ of 20 minutes 15 on one side and 5 on the other: But I was proud of her for sticking through. She is also happy that she at least tried this time around.
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My mom breastfed me and all 4 of my siblings. I was breastfed for 15 mos, born in 1976. My family wasn't super poor, but we weren't even middle class, let alone wealthy. My mom bf b/c it seemed more natural, not because anybody told her to or b/c they couldn't afford formula.

Edited to add that my mom listened to the ped w/ my older sister and started solids at 4 mos. Then she weaned my sister at 9 mos to a CUP b/c the doc told her to b/c she was pg w/ me. My sister had problems that my mom knew were due to being weaned to a cup too early (she was super clingy and sucked her fingers CONSTANTLY--until she was 10.) She said she needed at least a bottle. So by the time I got there, my mom figured doctors didn't really know so much and did her own thing. I didn't have solids until I was 9 mos old, and she doesn't quite remember but think the rest of my siblings weren't interested until then either.
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My mom breastfed me in for 4-5 months before going to Enfamil formula. She had to go back to work, and with no support or knowledge of pumps, she chose to wean. She tells me that she had the hardest time getting me to take a bottle, and often during the process, she would be in tears, b/c I would just cry and scream. Eventually she would give up and nurse me, so I think it took her pretty long to wean. This was in 1983.

My brother, who was born in 85', was only bf for 3 months. My mom said it was too hard to nurse him and chase a toddler. She likes to blame me for this b/c she says I always threw a fit when she nursed him . Apparently, I didn't like staying couped up in the house, while she hid to nurse. He was a slow eater.
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In '71 I was bf 4 weeks but with formula supplement. The pediatrician had her start solids at 2 months, but she says I mostly spit it out. He told her not to bother with formula anymore at 3 months and switched to whole milk. My two older sisters both bf for just a couple of weeks.

According to my mom we turned out fine, which is to say she has made no conection between anything she fed me and the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) I've had since I was a kid.
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My 2 sisters and I were all breastfed, at my DAD's insistence! My mom was a thoroughly willing participant but befofre she met my dad she just sort of went along with my grannie's view that "nursing is something poor people do". But good ol' dad was a Weston Price devotee and made sure that we got nothing but booby juice even though there were apparently some pretty good rows at the hospital over it (my dad was a dentist and did oral surgery at the hospital so they kind of had to listen to him).

When we got solid foods it was mostly home-grown organic veggies plus "wildcrafted" moose meat, wild ducks and geese, salmon, etc. We didn't have any grains til we were past 1 year.
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just for a moment. OP, do you have digestive issues or other health problems now as an adult? Acid reflux? Asthma? Just curious. :
I do not have many health problems besides Irratable Bowel Syndrome and I had Chronic ear infections as a child and needed 3 sets of tubes then my eardrum ruptured due to all the ear problems which caused me to go deaf in my left ear, reconsrctive surgery repaired the damage though and i can hear again all the ear infections could be from my mother smoking around us as kids though my brother had severe athsmas as kid as well. I was a much sicker child than my brother though I was always sick w/ a cold or ear infection
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I had goat milk. No, really. I tell people that and they laugh like I'm joking. My mom was too young and immature when she had me so she gave me to my grandmother to raise. Grandma couldn't afford formula, but lived on a farm and had a goat. Yep.

Did I mention that I was a premee too. The doctor kept me in the hospital for a month then told my mom that I wasn't gaining weight properly and would probalby die, so they sent me home to die with my family.
Wow, that rally makes me sound country doesn't it.
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My mom BF all 5 of us for about a year each. This was in the late 60's through the early 80's.
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My mother breast feed my oldest sister for a few weeks back in 1966, didn't breastfeed the middle girl 1968, and found LLL w/ me 1976 and breastfed me till my 3rd birthday.
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I was sad to find out I was strictly formula fed. *sigh*
I guess I always assumed I was breastfed since I am so gung-ho breastfeeding. Anyone else feed shortchanged?
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My grandmother nursed all her kids for 6 months in the 1940's. My mom nursed all of us exclusively for about 6 months and then started solids. My brother for a year (born in 1972 - weaned when she was pregnant with my sister), my sister for a year (born in 1973 - story is my sister self-weaned) and me (born in 1978) I was exclusively breastfed for 6 months and then started on solids. Then at 18 months I got sick and couldn't keep any food down and for 18 months I was again exclusively breastfed till I was 3. I finally weaned when I was almost 4.

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Formula. It even says in my baby book, "I'm a proud Similac baby". Like it was a grand announcement.

I had baby juice at 3 weeks, cereal at 6 weeks, and baby food at 2 months.
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My mom breastfed me for a year, until I "self-weaned." : (Although I am so grateful that she did it even for that long!)
She breastfed my sister for 3 years.
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many mama's milk

I was born (or rather yanked out by forceps) 5 wks early in France in the 70s. I was in the preemie ward for 6 weeks. My mom pumped and delivered the mild every day. They mixed all the mamas' milk together and doled it out, so I drank mild from many different women for 6 weeks. I think they supplemented with goat milk, which I love to this day. My mom didn't get to hold me until I was discharged. The kept me so long because I wasn't growing. No wonder since I wasn't getting held and nursed.

My mom latched me on just fine after I came home. She never questioned whether I would be able to nurse. Noone told her it would be difficult and it wasn't. I think she continued to supplement with goat's milk. I self weaned at 6 mos. I must have been getting a lot of formula by then because I was in full time daycare and my mom stopped pumping when I left the hospital.

I ate a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods growing up. I was always open to trying new and strange foods (and still am).
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