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Gentian Violet????

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Well, I don't really know if I have thrush or not, but am wondering what people's experiences have been with gentian violet.

I had a vaginal yeast infection about a week after my babies were born, so then when my nipples got *really* painful I assumed it was probably thrush. They were red and I had shooting pains, and pain between nursings. My midwife prescribed diflucan, and I took it for 14 days. My babies were not treated, however. Their pediatrician would not prescribe anything because they didn't have any symptoms, and convinced me that I shouldn't treat them unless I was *sure* that they and I had thrush. Is anyone ever sure about thrush? So, I took the diflucan, and my nipples did get a little less sore, but I was also trying different positioning and using a new nursing pillow, so that could have been why. It has now been 3+ weeks since I started the diflucan and my nipples are still sore. They are not as sore as they were, and they are not consistently sore (some feedings they are, some they aren't). I don't really have shooting pains any more, and the pain is more sharp than stinging or burning. BUT, my nipples are still red. The babies still have no symptoms.

My LC thinks I should do the gentian violet because it won't hurt if I don't have thrush, and if I do have it, she thinks it will really take care of it. But my little sister once used gentian violet for a foot fungus and I remember what a mess it was. *Everything* was purple for a month. I can't imagine putting that in my babies' mouths!

Any advice? My doctor just prescribed me another round of diflucan which I could also try if anyone thinks that might work.


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I've used Gentian Violet. Yes, it's messy, but it was the only thing that seemed to get rid of the thrush in my DS's mouth. I'm really surprised that you haven't seen white spots in your baby's mouth yet, since it sounds like you've had this for a whle.
Anyway, what I did was to put the gentian violet on my nipples at night, just before bed. I would wear an old t-shirt so that my clothes and bedding wouldn't get ruined (though it does seem to wash out.) I also washed my bras, towels shirts in hot water so that it would kill the thrush in the clothes.
You might try putting a bit of vinegar in the wash too, to help kill the thrush, if you are finding it really stubborn.
A warning: if you put that stuff on your nipples, and then your baby nurses, it will end up all over her face.
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Grrrr!! Stupid moronic ped. My first ped refused to treat my ds either which is why I fired him. The harm of quitting breastfeeding (which I've known women to do over thrush) is way worse than the harm of treating a baby for thrush. Most peds are breastfeeding morons and have no real sense of a) how to treat breastfeeding issues and b) the real cost-benefit analysis of the risks of treating a baby for thrush vs. the risks of discontinuing breastfeeding.

It's like an STD (sorry for the distasteful analogy but it is) - if one partner has it you assume the other one does too, and treat both. If you had chlamydia your ob-gyn would have your partner treated too (or be really incompetent); same thing here. You pass it back and forth from the breast to the mouth.

(OK, maybe you can tell this is a pet peeve of mine!)

I've had thrush at least twice now and ds has never been symptomatic. But if I didn't treat him at the same time, it's no good treating me.

I went through 2 cycles of Diflucan, along with a bunch of other natural remedies, all to no avail, before finally doing gentian violet. It really did the trick, although it made a glorious mess. Just wear old clothes. It's good for the babies to get it in their mouths; it doesn't take much, and it will kill the yeast for them too.

Here's some helpful thrush links:



Good luck getting rid of the dreaded yeastie beasties!
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ps it doesn't take a month of gentian violet, just three or four days max.
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Maybe calling certain drs morons goes a bit far. I prefer ignoramus.
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Yes, Do not use Gentian Violet for more than 3 days. It can burn their mouth!
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